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Stretch Magic
by: ConnieGHi, Lynnda.I’ve found that at least a couple of kinds of knots DO work with Stretch Magic: the square knot and the surgeon’s knot.Pull the knots as tight as possible, then tuck the knot into the nearest bead hole with a dot of jewelry glue and let it sit at least 24 hours.Don’t cut your ends TOO close to the knot. Some people melt the knot with a little heat, but I don’t have the knack for that; I end up melting the whole knot. (G)

Sometimes crimps will work with stretchy cords, but unless you work very carefully the crimps will cut the cords.

Please try the knots again!

Finishing stretch bracelets
by: StacerellAI have never, not once in six years of jewellery making, been able to crimp stretch cord without it cutting the strings or the crimp cutting into the strings during normal wear.I prefer the surgeon’s double knot. It really is the best knot for this type of stringing. And to finish it, use either a dab of clear nail polish or a drop of clear jeweller’s glue. That stuff is industrial so I never worry about selling stretch bracelets to kids or people who are hard on jewellery.

Surgeon’s Knot Instructions
by: Christine GiererHere are some instructions for making the surgeon’s knot mentioned in the above answers.Christine ~how-to-make-jewelry

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