by Nancy
(South Carolina, USA)

How do you connect a lobster claw clasp to a snake chain such as for a European bracelet?

I often see a barrel type finding with a loop at one end and a jump ring connects it to the lobster claw, but what is that finding called?

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Wire On Chain End Will Not Be Sturdy
by: SarahAsh

The two types of chains that you can’t add jumprings to are snake chains and the one you referred to for dog tags is called ball chain.

Wrapping wire around the end will not be sturdy for attaching the end clasp. Proper fabrication requires soldering the clasps to the chain (with the exception of very large non precious metal ball chain that can be attached with the removable connector piece).

If you want to experiment, try wire wrapping a loop to create a lariat style necklace. This will, at the very least, eliminate the weight of the entire piece pulling on a back closure.

How to Connect Snake Chain
by: SarahAsh

The finding you are looking for is called a “chain end round.” They sell both flat and round ones. Also, they come in various sizes so you need to know the millimeter size width of your chain. Small ones are 2 mm and larger are 5mm and up.

Buy two of these, one for each end. I would solder them but if you don’t solder, you could probably get by with Hypo Cement jewelry glue and a very gentle crimping of the end pieces. Use a soft cloth or something so you don’t scratch up the metal.

After that, you need a clasp- lobster, etc. and a couple of jump rings to attach.

Try or

It should be in the jewelry findings->clasps or chain ends department.

Connecting A Lobster Clasp To A Snake Chain
by: Linda

I have a good supplier of Sterling silver chains, but the snake chains like the others are bought by the foot.

I haven’t bought any of the snake chains or the chains that are used for dog tags because I can’t figure out how to put a clasp on them.

The only solution I can come up with is to use SS wire to wrap around the chain, fold it over wrap again, and put a loop at the end.

I still don’t think that is too sturdy. So I would like to know the answer to the question too.

I have seen a clasp that has an opening that is a hollow tube that you put the chain into and crimp. I can’t remember where I found that now.


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