I’ve just started making jewelry and made a bracelet for my mother. She loves it, but can’t wear it because the color from the beads is bleeding off onto her arm.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this? Beside buying higher quality beads next time! LOL

These are glass beads in autumnal colors by the way. So her wrist ends up orange. Not pretty.


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Bleeding Beads
by: Debi

This happened to a friend of mine. She tried soaking her beads in Oxyclean. The color wasn’t as intense anymore but the beads stopped bleeding.

Good luck!

Try a Spray
by: Florida Beader

After a washing in mild soap and water (and drying) I would mist them with a fine spray of matte or shiny acrylic varnish or finish. Just use a light coat and repeat, if desired, after the first coat.

I often do this with items (not sterling silver) that may tarnish.

Soak Them in Water
by: Anonymous

I always have this problem with cheap garnets which are almost always dyed. I soak them in clear water before using. Change the water on the soak bath until it no longer turns pink.

As mentioned above, the color is not as vibrant anymore, but you don’t have to worry about it coming off.

Color Bleeding

Why not the tried and true clear fingernail polish or light coating of spray sealant(coating) you keep the vibrant color and add a shine,too.

An Easy Tourniquet to Stop the Bleeding
by: JoAnne Green

I use Krylon clear coat. They have 2 formulas. I prefer the low odor one.

This finish is also great spayed on copper to prevent the dreaded green skin.

Also, I recommend it to my customers with allergies to metals. Constant wear means the pieces require periodic re-spraying, but the results are wonderful.

Krylon’s clear coat is more pleasing to the eye and easier to use than clear nail polish on rings, earrings, etc.


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