by Jill
(Troy Township, Ohio, USA)

Wire Flourish Wire Necklace

Description: Jill once swore that she’d never make jewelry, but we’re so glad she gave in and showed us this beautiful chainmaille necklace!

I am self-taught and I follow my heart. It leads me to very interesting places.

First, I learned how to make dream catchers. The next thing I began creating were fan pulls and other crafts I can add beads to.

That lead to learning how to work with wire. I vowed I wouldn’t make jewelry – so many people seem to be doing it. I wanted to be different.

So, I have found myself making jewelry. I first made a couple necklaces using chain maille stitch.

Well, my daughter’s bracelet is here in the gallery. I have made another bracelet for a bridesmaid and a necklace for myself. The other bridesmaid wants earrings. I’m working on them.

This place in the gallery has my necklace. I made the flourish to go with the dress I’m going to wear to my daughter’s wedding.

The chain is trizantine weave. I used 18 gauge half-hard nickel silver wire for the flourish and s-clasps. The jump rings are 18 gauge 7/8″.

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Making Chain Maille
by: Anonymous


I learned how to make the chain maille by searching sites and looking for the easiest – free – instructions.

Anyone interested, please let me know and we can exchange email addresses.

I highly recommend starting with the easiest stitch, as it is called.

Good luck!


by: Linda

Can anyone tell me how I can get free infromation on how to make chainmaille? The type that you use o rings on. I haven’t crocheted (sorry about the spelling) in a lot of years and forgot how.

by: Grampat1

If you are a beginning artist, you have a great future. This necklace is lovely. And yes, it would be good if you could do a video on how to make it. Or, if you’re not into video, you could take really go photos of stages on fabricating the necklace. Hope you have a great time at the wedding!

chainmaille Jewlery-Wire flourish and Trizantine Chain Maille Neckalce
by: Anonymous

Beautifully done. I would love to make chain maile, but looking it up on the computer has given me grief. I just have to admit I’m a computer dummy. Can you tell me how to make it? or how to look it up please. I would love to make chainmaille! Yours gives me the ‘wants’ to make some! I have made a lot of O rings.


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