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I have some small-medium stones that I would like to use in my jewelry.

Since they don’t have any holes drilled in them, is there a way to make a cage for them?

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cage for loose stone
by: Anonymous

Take 3 wires, wrap them firmly about 4 times in the middle. Where the stone will measure about a littlt more than 1/2 way up, bend wires in. Bend wires in where they are wrapped. This will give you a cage the size of the stone. There are many ways to finnish this up. One way is to gather all the 6 wires up and put them in a row, take another wire, 1/2 round if possible, and wrap the cage with the stone in it firmly, so it won’t fall out, you will have to spread out the wires to fit. Wrap the top. Cut the 2 end wires long enough to bend to the back and tuck in the 1/2 round. With about 2-3 inches of wire at the top wrap them around a dowel or a bail maker, make an appropriate size bail. Push the wires in to make just the loop show, and tuck the rest in the 1/2 round at the bottom like the first 2.
That’s just one way, there are many many ways.

Cage for Loose Stones
by: Wirelicious Jewellery

Here is another really easy way to hold a stone with no holes.

Double Coil Cages

Use a fairly heavy gauge wire (i.e. 20 gauge) about 35cm – 14inches.

Start a tiny loop at the end of the wire with your Chain nose pliers, then proceed to draw the wire around the loop using your fingers to start the coil.

Carry on doing this until your wire reaches half way, do exactly the same the other end of the wire but coiling the opposite way.

The coils should be the same size,when they meet in the middle.

Fold them in half in other words facing towards each other and squeeze them gently together.

Next, gently ease with your pliers, the inner loop from each end of your coils.

Then use your round nose pliers to gently open the coils,(push up from inside coil).

Open middle of coil slightly till you can put your stone in.

Arrange the coils so they are no large gaps any where and hey presto your done.

With practice this will take you minutes to do.

One upper loop already created for hanging,the bottom loop you can leave plain or hang something on bead,charm.

Happy Coiling.
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