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I made a partly-double strand beaded necklace (see pic) using stringing cable but the loop of cable between the final crimp bead and the jump ring leading to the clasp broke!

I must’ve accidentally nicked the cable when I was using the crimper and then when I held it up, the weight of the beads snapped it.

Is there a way to fix this without having to redo the whole thing?

I’m a beginner, BTW. Please help!

Thanks so much.

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Fixing A Cable Necklace
by: Dianne

Depending on how long it is I would either re-string the necklace,if it’s short; or if it is long I would remove about an inch worth of beads from both sides.

Then with crimp tubes & wire protectors to protect the wire redo the ends. Wire protectors are U shaped and protect the wire from breaking. You can get them from a lot of the jewelery-making stores.

Need To Re-String
by: Linda

Sorry, I don’t believe so. 🙁

To make sure your piece has the strength it needs and secure crimping, it’s best to re-string.

When crimping you don’t need to be real forceful. Also, make sure you are using a beading wire that is the correct weight for the beads being used.

IF you can afford it, buy the 49 strand beading wire. It’s stronger and more flexible. Hope this helps. 🙂

by: Elysia

Sorry for the tardy reply, I was waiting to see if I got any more suggestions. Thanks for your help!

I think I’ll start with Dianne’s suggestion 1st and see if I can fix it without restringing the whole thing. I don’t totally understand how to do it though.

If you have a moment to flesh out your instructions that would be hugely appreciated!!

There is a bead store 30 mins. from me and the ladies there may be able to help too.

Thanks so much!

Broken Cable
by: Dianne

I do believe I did speak to quickly but the more I see your necklace the more I realize the other idea was better.The necklace is much to pretty to take beads away from it.

You should restring it & use the 49 strand wire & cable savers as the other author mentions. If you are like me sometimes seeing it in person might help more than being told in writing .

Thanks All The Help
by: Elysia

Ok, thanks Dianne!

I’ll take the necklace with me when I go to buy the new cable and hopefully they can show me how to make it more sturdy and also how to crimp the beads tight enough so the cable doesn’t slip but not so forcefully crimped that it shreds the cable!

I made this necklace for my mom for her birthday and it broke before she even had a chance to put it on! :-(She’s really looking forward to wearing it once I can fix it!

Thanks Again.

Necklace Cable Broken
by: dianne

I know your mother will be very happy to wear her necklace. It will be beautiful.


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