Making Bracelets, Necklaces, and Rings with Memory Wire And Beads is Easy

You know those bracelets that wrap around your arm like a slinky?  Those are made with memory wire.

Since there is no clasp on a memory wire bracelet, they are super easy to put on even if you are all thumbs or have no patience for those clasps and hooks and toggles.

Beaded memory wire jewelry is easy to make and makes an ideal first project for kids and adults alike.  It’s gotta be the easiest form of bead stringing after stringing macaroni onto plastic lacing but without the “I made this” look.

What is Memory Wire?

Memory wire is a very special type of steel-spring wire. It retains it’s shape, its very hard and difficult to bend, and is not easily to cut. It’s pretty darn hard to break too.

Beaded Memory Wire Jewelry
Step by Step

Tools and Supplies

Optional Supplies:


Step 1: Cut Your Wire

To cut memory wire, you want to use the heavy duty wire cutters from the garage, or use specially made memory wire cutters, not your good flush cutters.

Important Information about Cutting Memory Wire:

Memory wire doesn’t look that hard to cut, but believe me, it is!  If you try to cut memory wire with regular jewelry wire cutters you will destroy your cutters.

Instead, be sure to use memory wire cutters like these ones from Amazon:

or use really heavy duty cutters that you don’t mind possibly wrecking.

Step 2: Finish One End So Your Beads Don’t Fall All Over the Floor

You have 2 options for finishing the ends of the memory wire.  You can use a loop, or you can use something called a “memory wire end cap”

Making a loop end:

Using your round nose pliers, make a small loop on one end of wire.

Making a memory cap end:

Put a drop of E-6000 glue into the hole of a memory wire cap bead.  Carefully hold the cap end between thumb and forefinger, place one end of the memory wire in the hole, and hold the wire there until the glue dries.

(The glue dries really quickly.  Read the directions on the glue container for more info on drying times.)

Tip: Of course, don’t finish both ends at the same time.

Step 3: String the Beads onto the Wire.

This step is pretty self-explanatory.  Bead has hole.  Wire goes through hole.

Tip: Beads aren’t the only option.  You might want to try buttons, bead dangles, plastic tubing from the hardware store…  Be creative!

Step 4: Finish the Remaining End

Use the loop end or memory wire end cap method from Step 2 to finish up.  If you’d like, you can hang a dangle from the end loop.

Tip: You’ll find it easiest to finish the remaining end if you use a clip or small piece of tape to keep the beads from falling off.

I have these tiny alligator clips that I think are used for electrical work, but work perfectly for holding beads onto wire while I try to finish off a bracelet without dropping beads all over the place.

Where To Get Memory Wire:

You can get all kinds of memory wire at just about any hobby or craft store,  from discount department stores like Walmart, or, you can get it mailed right to you from Amazon in a day or two.

If you are in the U.S. you can get memory wire at here, and in Canada, you can get memory wire from

More Memory Wire Tips

  • Memory wire comes in ring sized, bracelet sized, and necklace sized.
  • Bracelets stay on better if you make a multiple wrap rather than single. The same goes for rings and necklaces


The hardest part of working with memory wire is the cutting and bending the ends.  Some people may find this is too much for their hands. Kids will need help, as will anyone with chronic joint pain.

And once again, use only heavy duty cutters or memory wire cutters, never your good jewelry wire cutters!

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