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These bead and jewelry making supply resources allow you to order online and they ship right to your door!

I have to admit to being a bit of an online ordering junkie- I can pick out what I want from home, I don’t have to find parking, and I get stuff delivered right to my house. I love having beads delivered to my house- It’s like getting gifts in the mail.

Best of all, I usually get beads and findings cheaper than I would at a physical retail store too. I truly believe that the internet is the great leveller. Competition is all around so companies know they have to deliver on price and service or be stomped. Which is win-win for all of us consumers right?

So here is my short list of favorite bead and jewelry making supply resources. Most of them I have used personally and can personally recommend them. Some of them I have not yet used, but have it on good authority that they are reliable and quick.

Beads and Findings

Artbeads.combead and jewelry making supply– A great selection of beads and findings with free shipping in the U.S. and $1 shipping to Canada.  I found Artbeads to have the best prices for sterling silver letter beads in retail quantities. They usually have a pretty good clearance section too. (U.S.A.)

Bamiyan Silver – I love shopping here!  They have online shopping, but if you live in the Toronto area, you can get some pretty good deals from their warehouse.  This company offers a wide selection of precious metal findings, sterling silver and vermeil beads, and lots and lots of semiprecious and precious gemstone beads.  They are strictly wholesale, and you must have a sales tax number in order to buy from them. (Canada)

Crystal Bead Shop– Another Canadian supplier, they have a nice selection of swarovski crystal, precious metal beads, chain, and they have some tools too. Free shipping for orders over $50 to the U.S.A. and within Canada. (Canada) is an unusual bead and finding supplier.  They have lots of interesting and unusual products.  Well worth checking out.

Metal Sheet and Wire





I’ve bought sterling silver sheet and wire from Imperial Smelting (Canadian Smelter) and have been very happy with their service.  Annealing costs extra though ($5 per separate size)   You have to buy in quantity in order to save any money.

Tools has lots of jewelry making supplies, including tools. I bought some Lindstrom pliers from them and was very happy with their service.

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