by Bev
(Michigan, USA)

I have several old watch faces that I would love to make for presents for Christmas. My problem is that the faces do not have the ring or hook but a very thin space with a spring loaded bar.

How do I attach beads to a the bar that can be anywhere from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches without the beads sliding and the bracelet not laying correctly.

I am new at this, love it, but need help on this one. Thanks!

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Attatching Spring Loaded Bar Watch Faces Onto A Bracelet
by: Linda

I’m not really quite sure what your question is.

Do you want to attach wire to the spring bars?

If so, you can do that with half round wire, and fill the bar with wire for strength, then go from there.

There are lots of ways to go from there to make a bracelet and if you want to do that, you probably already have an idea of how to get there.

If not, I will ask for a response for the subject and fill you in some more.

Re: Attaching Spring Load Bar Watch Faces Onto A Bracelet
by: Anonymous

I would take a 3 or 4 hole spacer bar, whatever fits across where the spring clip is,then put beading chain through the spacer around the spring clip back through the spacer and crimp for each hole in the spacer.

The first bead may have to be drilled to hide the crimp bead. I would do the same on both sides and join them together with magnetic clasp and hiding the crimp bead in the same manner.

Just my thoughts. Look at for beading chain and spacers.

Watch Bands
by: Linda

I have made a couple of watch bands from sterling silver wire and one of chain maille.

I have 2 watch faces that only have one hole about the diameter of a 20 guage wire on it going along the side of the watch. The length of the hole is only about 1/4 inch.

How do I make a watch band that won’t fall apart for that one? It is a ladies watch. Anybody?

Watch Band For A Man
by: Linda

I said I made a chain maille watch band for a man before and I did, but it was a bangle type.

My husband didn’t like it.

Does anyone know how to make the chain maille into an adjustable watch band?


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