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Questions That Others Have Asked

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Leather Earrings Keep Turning Around
I make leather earrings and have had trouble with some of them turning around backwards. They have an 8 mm jump ring and another tiny jump ring with …

Cord for Wooden Bead Bracelet
What kind of cord should I use for making a Wooden Beads Bracelet?

Tying Secure Knots for Bracelets and Necklaces
hi everyone! Every time I make bracelets or necklaces they come undone and beads go everywhere even when I use glue. Is there a special knot you …

How Do You Attach Clasp to the End of Wire When Making a Necklace
I am teaching myself how to make jewelry and I need to know how to attach a clasp to my finished product.

Ready-to-Wear Chain or Cut the Chain Myself?
I’m new to jewelry making and am wondering is it better to use ready to wear chains or cut the chains myself and add the jump rings and clasp? My …

Large hole beads bracelets and earrings
I have large hole lampwork beads. I don’t understand which wire to use for making earrings as the hole is 4 mm. Could you please guide me? How do I …

Can Copper Filled with Polymer Clay be Baked in a Toaster Oven?
Can copper filled with polymer clay be put into a toaster oven to bake the clay?

Sizing For Chunky Children’s Jewelry
Hello, Is there a sizing chart for children’s chunky necklaces and bracelets? Thanks.

Can I Spray Krylon on Swarovsky?
Hi. I’d like to spray Krylon Crystal Clear coating on some earrings made of copper to prevent tarnish, but they also have Swarovsky crystals on them. …

Fairy Lantern Earrings
Hi I’m looking for a pattern for Fairy Lantern earrings. The picture was using 2 bicones and seed beads and bugle beads. The seed beads and small …

How To Make Swarovski Tassel Earrings?
I love the Swarovski tassel earrings. How did you make them? Will you be posting directions? Absolutely gorgeous! Lisa

Elastic Cord Bracelet
How can I make a bracelet with elastic cord that crosses over to another cord? I saw a bracelet that had elastique string but it was criss crossed …

Need Idea For Back Of Earrngs
Hello, I am making a pair of steampunk earrings out of watch face. I need something to glue to the back of the earrings so that I can add fish hook findings …

Newbie Help With Tiny Stones
I purchased a packet of stones from a cable tv jewelry channel that also promotes its own Jewelry making supplies. I love Tourmaline and so when they …

What Makes Yellow-Gold Look More Yellowish And Less Shiny?
Which material makes 18K gold look more yellowish and less shiny? I know it must be some powder, but I don’t know its name?

Jumpring Conversion Chart
Is there a metric/size conversion chart for jumprings?

Swarovski Rivoli Terminology
What is difference between a foiled button and a transmission button on a Swarovski #3015 ravioli?

How To – Drill Hole A In Rock?
How do I drill tiny holes in our own polished rocks?

Connecting Very Tiny Chain
How do you connect very tiny chain? I have some very tiny chain that is soldered but I don’t have any jumprings that are that small and I haven’t …

How Do I Connect A Bezel Link With Elastic Cord?
Hello everyone, I am trying to make an elastic bracelet using gemstone beads and a bezel link connector. When I do the knots they seem to not hold …

Ring size
How do you make silver rings larger without taking to a jeweler? My size has changed.

How to Prevent Silver and Gold-Plated Jewelry From Tarnishing?
How can I treat silver and gold-plated jewelry so that it does not go off color – and especially so that it does not stain the wearer’s skin?

How to Connect a String of Beads to Chain
I’m trying to make a necklace that has a string of marble slab beads with chain on either side. The only thing I’m not sure of, is how to connect the string …

Bead Hole Too Large
The hole of my bead is too large for the headpin. Is there any technique I could use to keep bead on?

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Best Brands Of Wire and Jump Rings For Durability?
What wire and/or jump rings have given you the strongest results?

How To Cut Metal Stamping Blanks?
I was wondering if someone might be able to walk me through the process of cutting metal stamping blanks out of sheet metal. I understand it can be …

Sabika Look-Alike
Where can I find the necklace and rhinestones to make a Sabika look-alike necklace??

How to Make Earrings
Just starting out. Need to know how to make earrings. What are the steps to do a finished pair. Thank you.

Bubbles In Epoxy
Hi, I tried my hand at using epoxy to make a focal the other day. It hardened up just fine, but left a skim of bubbles at the top that obscured the …

Earring Post
I need earring posts of sterling silver that has a flat or cupped circle at the end to glue or some how put a gem, cameo, or a stone onto. I have so …

Anchoring Large Hole Beads On Leather Cord
I am making necklaces and bracelets that have a strand or two of leather cord and want to position a few large hole beads on the cord. How do I get …

Turning A Button Into A Pendant?
How can a large button be turned into a pendant to wear on a pearl necklace?

What Type Of Stringing Material To Use?
I am making a long necklace with plastic beads and light wooden beads. I would like the necklace to be about 32″. I was wondering which string would …

Cable On Beaded Necklace Broke – How To Fix?
Hello! I made a partly-double strand beaded necklace (see pic) using stringing cable but the loop of cable between the final crimp bead and the jump …

Pendants Turning
How do I add a pendant to a necklace so it won’t turn?

Wrapped Stone Bracelet
I’m looking to make cuffs like the picture and hoping to find a pattern for a macrame wrapped stone to put in a bracelet, so without the loop of cord at …

What Type Of Paint Can Be Used On A Wire Bracelet?
What kind of paint (or other method of coloring) can be used on a wire bracelet? At the moment, all I have is acrylic, which would chip off when the …

Attaching Pearl Dangles
I want to make a bridal set that has a string of pearls/crystals with many headpin-based dangles and a center pendant. Is it OK to hang the headpins …

Attaching Ball Chain To Other Types Of Chain
I am making a multi-strand gem bead bracelet. I am trying to attach a delicate version of a dog tag chain to the other two chains but I cannot use …

Attaching A Crimp Coil To Rattail Cord?
How do you attach a crimp coil to rattail cord? I am trying to make a necklace and have tried to use my crimping pliers and regular pliers to crimp …

How Do I Keep A Necklace Clasp In Place?
When I put my necklace on the clasp/closure is in the back where it should be. Within minutes of wearing the necklace the clasp has shifted to the …

Attaching Chain
How do you attach a chain to a pendant if the chain is too small for jump rings?

Matte Perspex In A Tumbler?
Hi, I’m thinking of using recycled perspex pieces but some are scratched already and I would like a uniform matte finish. Was thinking about buying …

Looking For Large Silver Sliders
I attended a craft fair yesterday and I saw a very large, very light weight silver slider that was put on a scarf and hung around your neck with a pendant …

How To Use Resin To Protect An Object In A Pendant?
I have a unique carved pink arrowhead that I would like to protect in a open bezel and wish to use clear resin and harden it for permanent protection. …

Where Can I Find Metal Cross Beads With Vertical Loops?
Where can I find a very small metal cross bead with a hanger on each end to string vertically onto a necklace? I saw a necklace on virgins, saints, …

Use Of Precious Metal Headpins
Do most jewelry makers use sterling silver or gold-filled headpins? It increases the cost so fast, especially when designing a cluster of stones. …

Need Pewter Posts And Backings
I need pewter posts and backings to make allergy specific earrings. Can you accommodate or refer me to someone?

Removing Incorrectly Soldered Items
HELP! I have soldered a jump ring on to a PMC pendant but it looks bad. How do I remove the jump ring? I have used easy solder (silver solder and …

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Magnet Attachments For Jewelry
I am looking to buy magnet attachments for my Mom for her jewelry because she has arthritis and can not hook her necklaces or bracelets. I have seen …

What Size Crimp Beads Or Tubes?
Hi..I have been having problems with bracelets coming apart ( after I’ve given them as gifts!!) I’ve been using 2-3mm crimp tubes..just went to our …

Tea Cone Clasp
How do I use a Tea Cone Clasp? I purchased it,some time ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had double mastectomy and purchased lots of jewelry …

Where Can I Get HooksTo Make Buttons Into Pendants?
I want to make pendants out of vintage buttons but can’t find the hooks to glue on the back of them to run the chain through. Where can I find them? …

For Beginners
What is the simplest thing to start off with making that doesn’t take too long and looks nice?

Is It Hard To Learn ?
I have a learning disability and I have always wanted to learn how to make jewelry but a lot of people told me that it was going to be hard for me. …

Side by Side Double Beads / Double Wrap Bracelet
I know how to make the beaded double-wrap bracelet, but I can’t figure out how to make the bracelet wider using an additional row of beads (i.e. side-by-side …

Double Balled Head Pins With Beads
I know how to ball one end of a wire, but after threading the bead on there, how do you ball the other with a torch?

Stretch Wire
When I buy Stretch Magic, I do not understand what thickness I should buy to make a stretch bracelet that will not stretch out. I bought .7mm and .5mm/.019 …

What Does The Word Transite Refer To?
In a book I am ordering, the author refers to “transite”. I am not sure what she is referring to? It looks like it is just clear stinging line. …

Attaching Spring Load Bar Watch Faces Onto A Bracelet
I have several old watch faces that I would love to make for presents for Christmas. My problem is that the faces do not have the ring or hook but a very …

Textured Gold Tone/Molten Finish
Hi, I wanted to make a ring that looks like Yves Saint Laurent’s Arty Oval ring that has textured gold tone and a molten finish. How or where would …

Any ideas for a Steampunk necklace using leather and metal findings?

How To Make A Wax Cord Wrap Leather Bracelet
I would like to know how to make a mid-width leather bracelet with wax cord wrapping. The wax cord is wrapped around the bracelet in certain areas which …

Bic Lighter Cover Patterns
Hi! I would like to make lighter covers for the standard size Bic lighters. I need some free patterns (or even just a count of size ll seed bead …

Watches Clasps?
What kind of closures can be used when making watches?

How To String Alternating Tear Shaped Beads
I have tear shaped beads that I want to string alternating for a necklace. When I string them the conventional way the beads flip both ways. …

Tibitian Silver
If possible, could you please provide any information about “Tibetan Silver”? With Sterling now having precious prices and so many other products looking …

Size Of Clasp
Should the size of a necklace clasp be smaller or larger than the largest bead on the necklace?

What Are The No-No’s Of Tumbling?
How can I know what I can put in the tumbler and with what tumbling material for a particular stone or metal? I need to know what I can clean in the …

How To Extend A 3-Strand Pearl Necklace
How can I extend a 3-strand pearl necklace? I need about 2 inches. It has a hook and barrel clasp.

What Does NV Mean In A Gold Ring
I have a ring and I was told it was gold but it isn’t marked with how many karets it is so does that mean it’s fake? The only thing stamped in it was …

Crochet Jewerly
How to link (finish) ends of a crochet necklace or bracelet, without a clasp?

How to loosen a barrel clasp?
How to open a necklace with barrel clasp that is screwed too tightly. I have tried opening with Playtex Gloves, and at least five people have tried to …

Beginner’s Jewelry Making
I would like to know the best place to start learning how to design and make jewelry. If it is videos or books, can you recommend some? Any suggestions …

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Essential Dremel Bits
Does anyone use a dremel tool for their jewelry? Whether for glass or metals, what are the needed bits? I have a good five-speed dremel that came …

Where are the instuctions for the knotted band?
Where are the instructions for the knotted band?

Silver vs. Sterling Silver Leverback Earrings
What is the difference between Silver and Sterling Silver Leverback Earrings? I am looking to buy some to make earrings and I cannot understand what the …

Murano Charms
I have a number of charms that I bought to go on bangle bracelets. They turn all around the wrist… I have had four returned that I sold. Any ideas? …

Broken China Jewelry
How do I solder broken china jewelry?

Attaching lobster claw clasp to memory wire bracelet?
I am new to jewelry making. I made a memory wire bracelet, but it is a little big… Can I attach a lobster claw clasp?

My crimps are opening up on second squeeze…?
I am using Beadalon crimps and wires. Doesn’t seem to matter what size but I am using their guides. My problem is once I use the first second of the …

Packaging Necklaces
Hello, Can anyone tell me, what is a good way to package any necklaces I sell for shipping? Thanks!!

How Do I Add A Button To A Necklace?
I have several buttons I would like to add to a necklace or a bracelet, the ones I am working with now are metal and have the metal loop in the back. …

Can I sell what I make?
Using the tutorials on this website, can I sell what I make online without getting in any legal trouble?

Properly Closing Crimp Beads
How do you crimp beads to keep the wire from breaking?

Simple way to harden dead soft wire?
I prefer to use dead soft wire. What is the easiest way to harden after I finish the project?

Submitting Comments
Hi, I was on the page ‘How to make macrame bead bracelet?’ and I tried to leave a comment with youtube tutorials but my comment didn’t show up. Just …

Using elastic string for bracelets?
How do I make my knots stay together when using elastic string for bracelets? I am stringing bead bracelets and the knots are coming apart very easily. …

How do I make the hook for the top of the earring so the other parts don’t come off?

How to attach things to leather cuffs?
Hello, I have a few wide leather cuff bracelets and I would love to know how to attach some interesting trinkets to them. I have a flat square 3×3 …

Floating necklace crimp bead size?
I would like to make a floating necklace but am unsure as to what size crimp I should use. Also, should I use a crimp tube or crimp bead? Can anyone …

How to get complete instructions for FREE Crystal V Necklace?
I was forwarded and viewed the full pattern for the Crystal V Necklace last week and went out and purchased the supplies to make this and now when I go …

Drilling beach glass…?
What would you recommend to drill beach glass so it doesn’t shatter ?

How to make a Mix Cotton Cord Wrap Bracelet???
Have seen an amazing Chan Luu bracelet I would especially like to know how to change …

Jewelry Making
I would like to learn to make jewelry so I can make money. Do you enjoy this and is it frustrating trying to come up with a design?

Cage for Loose Stone
I have some small-medium stones that I would like to use in my jewelry. Since they don’t have any holes drilled in them, is there a way to make a cage …

Chain waist belts…?
Need to make a chain waist/hip belt for a friend… Any suggestions? Regards, Wilma

Where can I find information on how to make glass beads in a kiln?
Is there a website showing how to make glass beads in a kiln? I just purchased a kiln with a bead door but don’t know how to do this. I hate to purchase …

Leather Jewelry
Good day! I am looking for magazines or websites on leather jewelry. I have searched and searched and the engine isn’t giving me what I am looking …

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Drilling Tumbled Gemstones
I have tumbled many rough gemstones and now want to drill holes in them. I have purchased the drill press and bits but am having a devil of a time …

Getting beads and supplies donated for a non-profit group…?
I am currently trying to find places that may donate beads and supplies for a bead making project for a Christian non-profit group. Any ideas? Even …

Necklace Problems: The necklace I made is flipping over from weight!
I made a necklace with a braclet blank and then attached ribbon to make it into a necklace. the weight of the “bracelet” part is making it flip over and …

How to harden too soft jump rings?
Hi there, I know this may sound odd, but I was making a bracelet using 22 ga jump rings. I am sorta new at this and am learning. The jump rings …

Keeping a Cabachon/Pendant
I have a problem with cabachons/pendants decorative side facing forward. Help!!!!!

How do I make a chainlink necklace so you can’t see where it began or ended?

Resin Spots
Probs with sticky spots underneath when resin piece comes out of mold… My casting is sporadically successful. I mean that even after ample time, I …

Jump rings, slip rings and wire wrapping…
How do I work with jump rings for attaching charms to bracelets? Also can I just attach a charm with wire wrapping with memory wire? What about using slip …

How To Make Ankle Wrap Jewelry?
Do you have any patterns or know how I can get them to make ankle wraps? They hook around your toe and go up the front of your foot and wrap around …

Lighter Cover Patterns
Hello and Help! I’ve submitted a question about free bead patterns for bic lighter covers. I haven’t been able to find any patterns that fit into this …

How to make long jewelry connectors lay flat?
I’ve recently made a necklace using long curved connectors between large beads. I used jumprings at each end between the connector and bead and it …

Magnetic Jewelry
Where can I find a book about how to do different designs and how to actually start making necklaces and bracelets?

Postage Stamp Earrings: Earrings from Old Stamps
I wish to make some earrings from old stamps of our city’s precious Christchurch Cathedral, which was devastated in our recent earthquake. I have seen …

Tying knot to hang seed beads on…
I’m making earrings and want to hang strings of seed beads. How do I make knots that won’t show and will still hold the beads?

This is Pam's Boiled Egg LoS Patina'd. See the below edit.

Liver of Sulphur…
I can’t get liver of sulphur to adhere to my copper. On my first try… chip form with hot water in a glass pan… immersed … then tried agitating …

Making Medical ID Bracelets
I am interested in making bracelets for my daughters. The medical ID bracelet, the bracelet I want to make, has beads and two lobster clasps on each …

First bead comes loose after wrap bracelet is finished…?
Hello! I have started making leather wrap bracelets, and I love it! But I have noticed that the very first bead on the bracelet seems loose and “droopy”… …

Resticking Gems
Which is the best clear drying glue for resticking gems in earrings, etc.?

Leather Weaving
Attached is a photo of a bracelet I would like to make. Do you know how to make this weave. I’ve checked all my macrame books, and I’m unable to …

Strung fused beads.

Is there a way to unstring fused beaded necklaces?
I have these beaded necklaces that look like the thread is baked right into them on the string. Is there a way these can be unstrung somehow? Thank …

Bead Jewelry: Undoing an Already Beaded Strand
I bought some strung beads at a thrift store. They were knotted, I believe. I went to cut them apart to use, but they won’t come apart! Each bead …

Are you selling jewelry?
I have read just about everything I can find on you. My question is: Are you still selling your jewelry online? If so what is your site address? …

Types of Stringing Material
What are the different types of stringing material and what are they used for?

Bracelets Come Apart
How can I make sure my bracelets do not come apart? What can I use?

How to make an adjustable knot on necklace/bracelet closure…?
Hi, could you please tell me or direct me to a website, or recommend a book that I could learn how to make a sliding knot for adjustable cord necklace …

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What brand of pliers/cutters do you recommend?
Would you recommend particular brand of pliers and cutters? If so, why? Do the cost of these tools vary greatly from one supplier to the next?

Clip-On Earrings
I would like to know where can I purchase large paddle backs for clipon earrings with loops for dangles. I can’t wear pierce earrings but I would like …

Like this one~

20mm Square Bezel Blank Ring
Do you know where I can find 20mm x 20mm square deep bezel blank rings that are antique brass plated?

Crimping Instructions
Could you please guide me to some instructions on crimping techniques and crimp cover recommended sizes and application. Thanks, Meredith

Gold Bead and Waxed Linen Cuff Bracelet Instructions?
Do you know how to make this style of bracelet? Can anyone help me with step by step directions on how to make this bracelet? Thanks!

Leather and Bead Bracelet Instructions
Do you know how to make this style of bracelet? Can anyone help me with step by step directions on how to make this bracelet? Thanks!

Braided Chan Luu Style Leather and Bead Bracelet
Can anyone help me with step by step directions on how to make this bracelet? Thanks!

Thin chain keeps falling thru opening of jump ring
Hi! I’m trying to use a thin, feminine chain with a delicate charm but the chain is so thin that it keeps falling thru the opening of the jump ring. …

Where can I buy basic hat pin w/o decoration?
I want to design my own hat pins/stick pins. But, I don’t know where to get the basic stick with the push cover that goes at the bottom. Do you know …

How do I make rings or earings out of buttons?
I have some beautiful buttons that would make great rings or earrings but I have never made jewelry and do not know where to start.

Mommy Bracelets
I would like to make mommy bracelets. Where is the best place to purchase quality beads and supplies? Thank you

How to Make this Leather Wrap Around Bracelet
Hi. I’ve been seeing this bracelet and it’s a bit too much out of my budget. I was wondering if you can offer a tutorial to help me recreate this …

How to make a cabochon holding with seed beads, with out the backing.
I saw somewhere someone making a seed beads going around a cabochon WITHOUT backing ( I don’t know all the technical terms ).. I would very much like …

How To Make My Own Wire Jewelry
Hi My name is Najah Gilmore and i am 20yrs old and i am from WestPhilly and i just would like to ask two quick questions. First one is how to make …

Starting to make jewelry for the first time: What Do I Need?
Crash Course: What tools are needed and for a beginner for making necklaces and bracelets and earrings? Veteran jewelry makers, what advice would …

Starting out where do you begin?
I am wanting to find a hobby first. I am a mom of 2 teenagers and they are out doing their own thing and I need something to help me deal with my empty …

Where to find this rhinestone/crystal slider?
Where can I find rhinestone/crystal slider like the one in the picture? Is that what it is called? I went to a bead shop and the woman who worked there …

How to attach metal post to leather and suede earrings
What type of glue to use to secure metal posts to back of leather earrings?

How to connect knotted stand of pearls with little string left on end to an applique or to a clasp
Hello, I have and old knotted strand of pearls I am trying to salvage. It’s very long so I’m going to have to cut it – but problem is, it will leave …

do you post to the british isles? i hope so. thx

I’m trying to make a glass bead and shell multi-strand necklace and I just can’t get it started.. HELP PLEASE!!

Filigree Raw Brass Stampings Oval Setting gluing flatback
I was working on making some costume pieces and I have these lovely Filigree Raw Brass Stampings Settings.. I have tried to glue flatback stones onto …

Copyright Laws – Projects to Use in a Class
Would it be be legal, ethical and ok for me to print copies of free online projects, or projects that I have purchased to use in a class that I am teaching? …

Where do I find “magic crimpers”?
In one of your tutorials you said you love your “magic crimpers” but I have not been able to find any crimpers that say magic on them. I have found “mighty …

how do i make a pull string closure
how do i make a pull string closure? pretty much to the point. thanks for ur help in advance!!!

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hammered metal cross pendants
Where can I find hammered metal cross pendants for reasonable prices?

Aluminum Wire 10 Gauge
Where can I buy 10 gauge aluminum wire?

Measurements of hemp for size wrist/ankle
I would like to know if there is a chart to go by, for knowing how much hemp to use for the size of wrist or ankle?

kumihimo beading
I would like to begin kumihimo braiding with beads. Any help in getting me going would be so great. Thank you, Imagrgma

How to attach metal findings and alligator clips to hemp bracelet
I’m Trying to attach alligator clip to a hemp necklace. I threaded the string thru one of those spring-y looking things then thru the small hole on …

How Do I Make a Long Wrap Around Leather Bracelet?
Would like to make a long wrap around light weight leather bracelet with stones or beads (some not too many). It wraps about twelve times then ties or …

Selling Craft Options
I make paper beads and want to sell them so what’s best… Third party like Etsy or making my own online shop?

Old Pins into Necklace Pendant?
I have many pins from my elderly aunts and I would like to turn them into pendants to wear on a gold chain. Is this possible?

basic spike technique
I’ve seen this really cool technique done on pendants and earrings but apparently I’m just not bright enough to figure it out on my own. Can you please …

How do I end a pearl and leather necklace?
How do I finish a pearl and leather necklace? I want the leather to end after the pearl is strung through without the typical knot. Thanks so much

Coloring on Oxidized Copper Question
I am trying to reproduce a handcrafted pendant made from oxidized copper. A beautiful picture was drawn on it with colored pencils, then sealed. So,I oxidized …

Photo I found of what I would like to do

How to Make a Stone Guitar Pick Necklace
I am a guitarist and I want to make a necklace to decoratively display a guitar pick made of stone. My dilemma is accomplishing this while at the …

how to make a hole in a gemstone
I have a lot of large and medium faceted gems. I would like to put a whole or fastener on them to make a necklace. Is there a drill or what. Thank you …

Stretch magic crimping problem.
I am making bracelets with stretch magic and the crimp beads seem to cut the cord making the bracelet break. Is there a better way to secure the ends with …

Childs necklace length chart
I am looking for a chart for necklace length for children. I need to make a necklace for a 5 year old girl. Can you please help me out?

How to Magnetize Beads
I would like to know how to magnetize beads. Hematite beads and other kinds like pearls. I see that online they sell magnetized pearls. The most …

Attaching Cabs Without Bails
I just received some brass cabs and half marbles to glue into them and was wondering how I am going to attach it to the jump ring when the cabs do not …

Continuous Circle of Knotted Pearls
How do I make a continuous circle of knotted pearls?

How to Make a Plexiglass Display box?
I saw several jewelers at an art show that had their smaller, more expensive items displayed in plexiglass cases. The artist said they made them. Just …

Jewelry Labels.
Where can you order small “dumbell” jewelry tags, say about 1,000?

How to Remove Vintage Acrylic Beads that Are Stuck to the Stringing Material
Often I include vintage plastic beads in my design. Sometimes they are somehow adhered to the stringing material. I’ve microwaved them, boiled them, …

Three Strand Necklace Question
When I make a 3 strand necklace with a 3 strand clasp do I have to have 3 different lengths of thread of wire to make it lay flat?

Where Can You Get Pearls with a Large Hole?
Does anyone know whereyou can get the large pearls that have a hole large enough to string it directly on a 1.5 to 2 mm leather cord??? Also, anyone …

How to Clean Seed Bead Jewelry?
Hi I would like to know how to clean jewelry that is made from seed beads. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much.

How to Color Silver to Look Like Bronze
How can I color silver jewelry to look bronze?

kind of like this one...

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How to Space Beads on Leather Cord
How do I space the beads on a leather cord? Kind of like a triple wrap with spaced beads.

How to Set an Undrilled Briolette?
How do I set an undrilled briolette?

Silver that doesn’t Tarnish
I sell jewelry at my hair salon but I am having trouble with my costume silver jewelery turning gold so I have to polish it back to silver color. Is there …

what project should i start with
i’m just thinking about making jewelry and would like to know where should i is something i would really like to do

How do I Make a Multi-Row Chain Bracelet?
How do I make a multi-chain bracelet? I seem to be having trouble getting the chains around the same length. One seems longer while the others seem …

How to Best Use Crimp Covers?
When I put the crimp cover over the tube when I use my tool to close it it never looks finished. It is either uneven or there are dents in the crimp cover, …

How Does A Slide-A-Bead Chain Work?
How do you use a slide-a-bead chain?

How Can I Stop Necklace From Spinning?
I made a necklace of alternating rice FWPs and 3mm gold filled seamless rounds. The ends are a small lobster claw on one end and a .64x5mm closed jump …

Color is Bleeding from Beads-Help?
I’ve just started making jewelry and made a bracelet for my mother. She loves it, but can’t wear it because the color from the beads is bleeding off onto …

Antler Jewelry?
I have an endless supply of antlers from various wild animals. Does anyone have any insight on making jewelry out of these horns?

How Do I Convert A Necklace To A Bracelet?
I have a beautiful charm-type necklace that I would like to also wear as a bracelet. The charms and beads run exactly the length I would want the bracelet …

Avoiding The Twisting of Beads.
My necklace is a pearl three strand that I am re-stringing. I re-strung each strand on nylon string which I am not so sure about now because it does its …

How to Extend Necklaces For a Larger Neck?
I need a design method (simple and fast) for extending some necklaces approximately 3-5 inches. Any ideas on what to use to extend so it fits in with beaded …

Why Are My Bracelets Breaking?
I don’t understand, I am using a crimping bead and a crimp cover. But I have gotten a few bracelets returned where one end of a toggle just rips off! …

Why Does Toggle Clasp Keep Opening?
Hi, I just recently found your site and love it. My question is: In an already complete toggle clasp bracelet, what would be the reason for the …

How to Make a Wire Wrap Ring?
I would like to know how to make a wire wrap ring or even a hemp ring.

How to Demagnetize Beads?
How can I demagnetize beads to use with metal findings? I’ve tried the small ceramic demagnetizers but no success. Can you help?

Where Can I Take a Jewelry Making Course?
Hi there, I’m really interested in taking a jewelery course and am having trouble finding the right school. I’m looking for part-time classes once …

How to Attach a Metal Coil to a Cord?
I just bought one of those cheap cord and clasp necklace kits from Michael’s. I have never made any jewelry before and am just trying a very simple project. …

How to Attach Brooch to Pearl Necklaces?
I want to create a 50’s inspired multi-strand necklace using a brooch and 2 to 3 pearl strand necklaces for my wedding day. Most vintage inspired necklaces …

How Do I Make Simple Non-Stretchy Jewelry?
I work with seniors and we make stretch bracelets and rings. I would like to teach them something different but something not to hard for them to do. …

How to Make a Multi-Strand Illusion Necklace?
I would like to have instructions on how to make a multi-strand illusion necklaces. How far apart are the beads on each strand? What are the strand lengths? …

Tips to Glue Leather Into Curved Silver Tubing?
Do you have any tips on what to use or how to glue leather into a 70mm curved tubed silver piece? The leather fits snugly into the silver tube but the …

What To Use To Put Initials On Seashell Necklaces?
What kind of machine do you use to put initials on Shell Pendants? It’s kinda like engraving but it’s not. It may be something you hook up to a computer, …

Switch Gap

What’s a Switch Gap?
I want to make a switch gap but your website just says to make one, doesn’t really show me how though. Much help appreciated 🙂

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How to Smooth the Edges of Porcelain?
Does anyone know how to smooth the edges of shards of porcelain to make pendants? Thanks. Pauline

How To Make A Clasp?
Hi, Can someone please help me to learn how to make my own clasp?

The Best Way to Strand Seed Beads?
What is the best way to strand seed beads? I usually strand them one at a time. Is there a faster way?

What Is Your Threading Technique For A Beaded Leather Wrap?
I am hoping you can help me, because it is making me crazy that I can’t find the answer to this question. I have been making Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelets …

How to Make Rosary Beads?
My best friend’s son is starting religion classes and I would love to make him his rosary. Not being Catholic I haven’t the foggiest idea on how to set …

How to Re-String a Pearl Bracelet?
I have an antique pearl bracelet that needs restringing to make it fit. What do I use to restring? Thank you Andrea

What to Use For Stringing Heavy Bali Beads?
Hi, Can anyone recommend a stringing material for heavy silver Bali beads that would be flexible without kinking? Thanks Sue

What to Use For Stringing Heavy Bali Beads?
Hi, Can anyone recommend a stringing material for heavy silver Bali beads that would be flexible without kinking? Thanks Sue

How to Prevent AB Glass Beads From Oxidizing?
I’m making some Halloween jewelry to sell and the black AB glass beads keep oxidizing. How do I prevent this from happening? I had a complaint last …

How to Fasten the Ends of Snake Chains?
I have a reel of snake chain and some separate ends for snake chains but don’t know how to fasten the ends onto the chain.

Thickness of Stretch Cord for Bracelets?
What thickness should I use in the stretch magic cord for bracelets? Thank you for your time. Dee

Can You Heat Memory Wire for Jewelry?
Are we able to heat memory wire for: (1) Flattening or to create different designs on earrings/bracelets? (2) Making the ends for looped earrings …

Where to Find Liquid Copper for Jewelry?
I want to learn how to make jewelry that you take like a leaf and dip it in some type of liquid copper. It is not fired. Then it is finished with some …

How to Adjust Your Bracelet Sizer For Larger Sizes?
I have larger-than-average wrists and have always had difficulty finding bracelets that fit properly. I have decided to make my own and would like …

Can You Use Cloth and/or Leather to Make Earrings?
Do you have a tutorial or instructions on how to make earrings out of leather or cloth?

How to Create Bolo Tie with Beads?
Hi, We had a country festival in our region on July 5th and I wanted to create a Bolo Tie with beads. Using a Cabochon, I wanted to have put some …

How to Make a Longer Hemp Necklace
I’m making a necklace for my brother and need a little help on finding the length of the twine. It’s for a crucifix he got for confirmation but he …

Which Solder to Use For 22kt Gold?
Which solder do I use to add a large bezel around a pendant? Which solder do I use to add a bezel around a stone which has silver underneath? …

Making Jewelry With Broken China Dishes?
Where can I find information about making jewelry out of broken pieces of china dishes?

Beginner Tool List?
I lost the printout I had of the list of the right pliers, etc. I need to start making jewelry. I know the name Lindstrom, but not the name of the tools …

Do I Have to Tumble Copper Charms?
I’m new and I am making copper hand built charms for necklaces and bracelets. Do I need to tumble them to harden? Currently I’m using 22 gauge sheet …

Stretch Bracelet Knotting
I am using a stretch cord for kids bracelets how do I tie the ends?

Length of Child’s Necklace
What is the length of a child’s necklace?

CardBoard Drilling
What drill/machine should I use to make clean holes in thick cardboard? I need holes that are 2mm and 4mm..

Best Way to Remove Backings of Pins and Earrings?
What is the best way to to remove backings of pins and earrings? I need a flat surface to work with – and need a tool to remove the backings of pins …

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Polymer Clay Bangles
I saw a resin mold for a bangle online, and am thinking of purchasing it. I’m wanting to use it to create polymer clay bangles. Are polymer clay …

Galvanized Steel Can I Torch it For Head Pins
Can I torch galvanized steel for jewelry – will the end melt to a ball – thanks molly

Removing Closure From Brooch Pin and Clasp
I have some lovely old brooch/pins I wear my hair up and would love to use them on barrettes hair pins etc. Please tell me best method of removing …

Which Wire to Use for a Floating Bead Necklace?
Hi, I want to make necklaces with floating beads on wire. Which wire would I be best off using? Thanks

Finished Necklace Length for Children
I am making a necklace for a flower girl in a wedding, she is 2 1/2 years old, just curious what the typical finishing length for a child necklace would …

Crimp Bead FAQs
I’m a beginner in bracelet making. I’d like to know what size crimp bead to use in making bracelets with small to medium size beads?

Can We Make Casting Rings Without Having A Casting Machine?
Can we make casting rings without having a casting machine? Please help me.

Tumbling Problems
I have a new tumbler and the jewelry is coming out black.

How To Bezel A Rivoli?
Hello! I would like to know if there is any sites that show step by step (easy) on how to bezel a rivoli? I am having so much problems doing this. Thank …

Drill A Hole In Glass?
Has anyone successfully drilled a small hole into glass? If so, what drill bit/tool did you use? I have round, flat glass pieces about l/8 inch thick …

Why Can’t I Open A Chain Link?
I’m trying to open, and close, to no avail, a link from a purchased chain. I want to re purpose the chain into earrings. My heavy -duty cutters can’t …

Does Heat Reveal Solder Joints ?
Does heat reveal solder joints?

Adding An Extension Lobster Claw Clasp
I love your site and will continue to use it. I am looking for instruction on how to add a lobster claw extension chain to my bracelet. I had purchased …

Easy Project for First Time Beader
I done a couple of bead projects. I am just a beginner and my projects had flaws. What are good project for a beginner? Thanks

Flat Back Cabs
I purchased a whole bag of cats eye cabs. But lo and behold, I didn’t pay attention when ordering and they all are undrilled. They range in size …

How to Attach Crystals to Flat Leather Bands
I have been asked to make beaded/crystal brow bands for horses, but I am not sure what the best way to attach them is? I have tried gluing but the brow …

Is There a Simple Chart for Chain Maille Jump Rings?
I know that making certain types of maille requires certain size jump rings in order for the pattern to work. Is there any simple method or any chart …

Altered Art Jewelry
I am wanting to start making Altered Art Jewelry, specifically charm bracelets, but I need to find out what pictures, artwork, printed materials, etc that …

Resin Jewelry Making
I am trying my hand at some resin jewelry and need to ask about coloring. I have some ideas of coloring but am not sure that these are items I can use …

What Wire Do I Use to Make an Illusion Necklace?
I have bought 3 different kinds of wire, I was told that it was the correct wire to make illusion necklaces. But none of the wire I have bought is the …

Shell Necklaces
How do you make a bracelet or necklace with shell pieces? I have all the stuff to make it, I’m just not sure how to make it.

How to Create a Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet
Hello! I am looking for help creating a bead on leather wrap bracelet! I’ve recently been seeing this design for a bracelet but the prices are way …

Make Own Charm
I am part of a not for profit organization and we were hoping to sell bracelets as a way to raise money. We thought it would be a really good idea …

Name Plates
Hello, I live in San Diego CA, and I would like to start looking into making nameplates, necklaces, and also earrings. Any help? Thanks so much.

Ceramic Beads with Large Holes
Dear Christine: I have a bunch of very pretty hand painted ceramic beads from India, all with pretty large holes, ~1/8″. I am trying to figure out …

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Jewelry Making Tools
Would you please send me a list of tools that I will need to learn and make beautiful jewelry?

Average Bracelet Sizes
Help for a first time jewelry maker! I would like to start selling my bracelets. I also want to make many at one time. What size should I make them? …

How Do I Put a Hole in a Jewel?
hello, my name is Mary and I don’t know how to make jewelry. I am learning. I went and bought a lot of beads to start. I’m looking at books and …

Ending Off Loom Work
I just want to know how do you end off loom work? I have a small loom and did some beadwork on it but I just knotted the strings and strung it back …

Bracelet Sizer
I found your website through a video I watched on youtube about a bracelet sizer. I’m sure the video said I could download the template on here. …

Protect photos from being copied
Is there an inexpensive way to protect photos of work from being copied?

How do I remove something I have soldered on crooked?
I am making a pendant approx 4.25″ tall and 3.25 wide. It is going to have two stones on it. I have already formed and soldered on my two bezels. …

Repairing Silver Jewelry
I have a silver ring with a set stone, and the ring became bent. What is a good way to straighten it without risking the setting?

Piercing Sterling Silver
I have this image of a design in my head but I’d really like to know how to transfer the idea in my head to a pierced piece of sterling silver. I’d …

A pic. my 7 year old took of me on the Breakwater.

How do you bead a bracelet frame?
I have been trying a few things but nothing seems to work. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! ~Cheryl

Stretch Cord Questions
I am making a bracelet which is double stranded so uses 2 pieces of the cord. Knots do not work. I can pull them apart. How would using crimp tubes …

Gemstone Chip Earrings
What are some methods and patterns for making earrings using gemstone chips and nuggets?

Masculine Jewelry
What beads, clasp types and stringing materials are best suited to masculine jewelry. Most beads and beaded pieces feel feminine. Answers- …

Tumble Polishing
Hi — I looked at your blog, which explained oxidizing with liver of sulfur, and I was looking for the follow-up article you mentioned about tumble polishing. …

How to Stop Pendant on Chain from Swiveling
I have been making pendants from sterling silver wire and am attaching them to a chain. The pendant seems to always turn backwards when I’m wearing …

Soldering Sterling Silver
I took a class in jewelry making and I learned how to solder. I set up my own equipment, but my problem is that the solder never seems to flow. …

Metal Chains That Change Their Color?
I am starting my new small business making women’s handmade jewelry, but I am facing a small problem and it’s affecting my satisfaction to the end result. …

Can the engraving be changed on an antique 14k signet ring? Answers: None yet. Can you answer this question? Would you like to comment? …

Swarovski Crystal Cube Bead Bracelet Problem
I made a bracelet from 6 mm Swarovski crystal cubes and didn’t use any spacers but the bracelet doesn’t curve. Any suggestions? (1) ss bead (5) jet …

Safety Pin Stretch Watch - (still pending approval from owner - see below)

Beads on Safety Pin Watches
Question: Does anyone have the basic intructions for making watches with beaded safety pins strung on stretchy string? Answers Note about the …

Ideas for Jewelry Made Using Broken Chinaware?
Do you have any ideas for jewelry made using broken chinaware patterned pieces? I have recently been combing an antique dumpsite and found many pounds …

How To String Beads Tightly Using Tigertail and a Magnetic Barrel-Type Clasp
Question: How do I draw beads up tight using tigertail and a magnetic barrel-type clasp? I have no problem using co-polymer cording and melting …

Letter Stamps

What is The Best Way to Letter Stamp Silver Charms?

Question I am trying to letter stamp silver charms without them looking too messy and without the imprint of the letter coming through on the other …

Finishing a Five String Bracelet Using a Bead Cone
Question I have strung a bracelet with 5 strings through the gemstones. How do I end it, as it won’t go back through? I know you use cones, …

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Working With Craft Glue
Question: How do you protect yourself when making jewelry and using craft glue? When I use craft glue it upsets my stomach and I might get a slight …

How Do I Finish a Bracelet?
I’m having trouble in my visual design class. We are making jewelry and I am making a beach-themed bracelet. I don’t know how to tie the bracelet to finish …

Knotted Necklace

Bead Stringing and Knotting
I have searched and searched the internet on techniques to make a necklace similar to the one pictured. I can’t figure out how to knot between the …

Making A Non Clasp Floating Chain Necklace
How do you join the two pieces of the flat chain when creating a floating necklace with out a clasp? Are there special crimps for chain?

Sea Shell Earrings
I collect cone shaped sea shells. Many of the small ones would made nice ear rings. What would be the best way to attach them to an ear wire? Thanks! …

Crimping Help Needed
Hello! I crimped #2 crimp beads on Beadalon 0.46mm 7 bead stringing wire and I could not make it hold. I did everything as instructed, but my crimping …

Matching Colors
What colors blend together to make a crystal bracelet?

Problems with wire breaking…
I’m making a necklace using a large Swarovski stone as a drop and pearls as the main beads but the wire is breaking where it has to be twisted at the large …

Beaded leather wrap around bracelet
Hi, I have been trying to make one of the beaded leather wrap bracelets, however am having trouble getting started using your instructions. My first …

restoring fake pearls
i have three sets of painted fake pearl necklaces in varying colours… they belonged to my great grandmother – probably from the early nineteen hundreds. …

What Is The Best Quality & How To Keep Jump Rings Together?
I have started making button jewelry and am currently getting my findings at local craft superstores. My problem is that the quality of the jump rings, …

Visual Size Chart for Beads
Could you please tell me where to find a bead size chart so I know what sizes to buy for certain projects? I am prettty new at beading so it sure would …

Perspex Pieces

How To Bend ,Cut And Join Perspex?
Maybe someone can help me….I have boxes of coloured perspex offcuts and want to make some wearable art pieces with it. Does anyone know I how I can …

Sterling silver chains on display a short time showing black marks
Why are sterling chains showing black marks here and there(on display a short time)? And why when cleaning with a steam or ultra sonic cleaner or even …

Technique to Make a Twisted Bead Necklace.
How do you make a two (or more) strand bead necklace and keep them twisted? Mine just come untwisted. I would love to hear from you. Thanks, Judy …

Anti-Tarnish Silver
Question: Where can I buy sterling silver and silver plated findings and chain that will not tarnish? I’m tired of my silver turning yellow in a …

stop jump rings from twisting
how do u keep jump rings from making pendants turn backwards?

How to Make Collage Sheets for Altered Art Charms?
I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how to take images I want to use for my altered art charm bracelet project and resize them to fit 1″ circle …

Jewelry Making Courses
I am looking for a course in jewelry-making and plan to sell my work after. What type of part time course would suit me best?

How To Wrap A Stone Or Object With No Holes?
I would like to know how to string an object with no holes for a pendant. How can your wrap a stone or object that does not have holes? I have seen …

I Have a Round Stone Bead and I Want to Make it a Pendant with a Bail
I have a round stone bead with a small hole at the top. How do I make a bail and add some small decorations?

Getting Jump Rings Closed Tightly
I’ve been using open jump rings. I try not to open them any further than I have to. But when it comes to closing them, I can never get the gap completely …

Ideas for stringing Tear Drop beads
I have some tear drop beads and am having trouble stringing them where they look good and professional. Would welcome any help and suggestions.

Which way to hang an earring dangle? Not rated yet
When placing a earring dangle on the ear wire should you face the subject of the dangle facing forward or to the outside facing left or right? I’m speaking …

Cutting sterling silver chain Not rated yet
How do I cut sterling silver loose chain without wasting a link?

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Sources for stones Not rated yet
Can anyone tell me where to purchase the type of stones and settings used to make Sabike /Mariana type jewelery? I see local people making it but can’t …

Designing childrens jewelry Not rated yet
Does anyone have info on how to design jewelry for children?

How Do I Get A Focal Bead To Lay Flat? Not rated yet
how do you string a flower pendant that has a hole in the middle so it lays flat?

Adding Length To A Metal Stretch Band Not rated yet
Does anyone know how to add beads to a metal expansion stretch band (like a watch band) without using safety pins?

Protecting Silver Spoons When Bending Them Not rated yet
Hello Everyone, I have started a new project and I’m having some serious difficulties. I’m bending spoons with a spoon bender and you have to press …

Circle Of Pearls Not rated yet
I need to know how to make several circles using pearls and then connecting each one by looping each circle through each loop and make a necklace of pearl …

How Do I Get Started Making Jewelry? Not rated yet
Hi, I just need some advice on what to buy to get started. Im going to be making jewelry as a hobby. But,I’m just overwhelmed by all the stuff online. …

What Is The Sturdiest Type of Bail To Use? Not rated yet
What type of sterling silver bail would be the best kind to use for a necklace that only had a jump ring before that kept pulling open and finally resulted …

How To Re-String Really Small-Holed Beads Not rated yet
I got the brilliant idea to add a pendant to a strand of hematite beads I bought in the Southwest from a Native American selling them from his truck at …

Re-Stringing A Shell Necklace Not rated yet
I am having trouble keeping a shell necklace tight while putting on a different clasp. Are there any suggestions?

Swarovski Fancy Lemon Crystal

Looking For A Setting To Fit A Lemon Swarovski Not rated yet
I can’t find a bezel or setting to fit the new Swarovski Lemon Fancy Crystal Stone that is 19mm x 12xmm. It’s almost a pear/teardrop shape and is wider …

6mm Gold Chain Not rated yet
Is a 6mm white gold chain 22 inch heavy and very big?

Stringing Beads Onto A Chain Necklace Not rated yet
When you are making a necklace and you have a large bead with a hole through the centre, how would you string it onto the chain if the chain is too thick …

Beads Flipping on Necklace Not rated yet
I made a necklace with 10mm twisted jump rings and added two 6mm dangles to it. Then, I hooked them together with 8mm jump rings until I had the size necklace …

Spike Technique Not rated yet
Where I can find a tutorial on how to do SPIKE Weave Jewelry?

How do you get strands of embroidery floss even, ordered and folded in half without tangling? Not rated yet
I am trying to make the leaf pattern friendship bracelet using five strands of embroidery floss. I understand all of the knots used in the video, had …

How Do I Use Apprets? Not rated yet
They are 2 inches long, thin, hard but bendable wire with a circle at one end?

Crochet Seed Bead Bangle Bracelet? Not rated yet
Yes, I love your website. I always learn or find something interesting here. Previously you had a video on how to make a crochet seed bead bangle …

Why Is My Necklace Twisting Backwards? Not rated yet
I have a necklace I made that has beads inlaid in metal with a mix of chains linking between each bead. The beads keep swivelling and twisting backwards. …

Making Zelda Jewelry Not rated yet
I am interested in making some jewelry like these Zelda items. I have several ideas but am interested in if someone can tell me the “best” way to go about …

Scarf with Big Sliders Not rated yet
I was at a fair and bought a scarf with a big silver heart slider on it and litte balls on the sheredded edges. It is beautiful!!!! I want to …

Making a Resin Bangle Bracelet Not rated yet
Can you add colored sheet metal media to a resin solution bracelet mold? This would be cut to size and probably rolled for a different effect? The …

Crimps Not rated yet
How do I make sure my crimp is secure for the neclace? A couple of mine have opened up after wear, I would not want to sell one like that…

Clam Shells Not rated yet
I have only seen one size clam shell and it is not sturdy enough for heavy beads. Are there other sizes available?

Making Resin Jewelry Not rated yet
I recently started learning how to make resin jewelry and have a real passion for this new technique but I am having trouble getting my pieces to cure …

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How Can I Stop A Necklace From Shifting Around? Not rated yet
How do I stop a light weight necklace from shifting/turning around on my neck? I am always having to put the clasp back in place at the back.

Sealing Natural Stones Not rated yet
I have some natural “flaky” stones I want to put some covering / sealant on without changing the shape of the stone. Can I just brush on resin to cover …

How Do I Make Earrings Posts From Clip-On Earrings? Not rated yet
How can I take clip on earrings and make posts?

Wire On A Jump Ring Not rated yet
How do you keep the wire from coming off a jump ring

Pop Can Tabs woven Into Ribbon? Not rated yet
How to lay out pop can tabs to make with ribbon?

Stretch Magic Cord For Illusion Jewelry? Not rated yet
Can I use stretch magic cord to make illusion jewelry?

Removing Kinks From A Rubber Cord Not rated yet
How do I get the kinks out of a rubber cord necklace?

Friendship Bracelet Pattern Not rated yet
I used to make bracelets with this simple pattern, but I can’t remember how to do it. It’s a simple thin bracelet that is a thin cylindrical shape with …

What Gauge Of Wire For Wire Wrapping Stones? Not rated yet
What gauge of wire do you recommend for wire wrapping beads and stones? I have just started learning wire wrapping and find it fascinating but too …

How Do I Demagnatize Gold Beads? Not rated yet
I have some 14K gold beads that I strung on a Kremets chain. After many years on this chain the beads have a little magnetism in each hole. How can …

Wire Guard Techniques Not rated yet
I think I saw somewhere that you have a video tutorial on using wire guards. I can’t seem to find it and would like it again. Thanks!

Removing Zircon Stones From Glued Setting Not rated yet
I want to remove the stones and replace with precious stones so how do I remove miniature zircon stones from a sterling silver individual unit setting? …

Braided Leather Not rated yet
I bought some braided leather. Lots of you deal with string, cords ropes… all the time, how do I keep the ends from fraying? Also,how do I attach …

Ribbon Closures Not rated yet
I have 4 strands of beads I want to attach to a ribbon to form the closure for the necklace. The 4 strands are braided together. How do I attach the …

Making Bezel Earrings Not rated yet
Hi! I recently started looking for jewelry to purchase for my bridesmaids and came across this gorgeous set of earrings… …

Sliding Knot Not rated yet
How do I prevent my bracelet from getting loose when I use a square sliding knot even when I pull the cords tight? Thanks!

Gluing To A Blank Leather Bracelet Not rated yet
I’m decorating a pre-made leather bracelet blank with brass stampings and wanted to know what type of glue would be best as well as what are some other …

Crimping Onto A Faux Suede Thong Not rated yet
How do I put a crimp onto a faux suede thong without the thong snapping? The ones I have are folding crimps. Have I got the right ones? If they are …

How To Braid A Beaded Stretch Multi-Cord Bracelet Not rated yet
I can’t figure out how to clasp the end of each strand and combine the all ends into one so that it doesn’t look awful. Help?

Soldering Bronze Or Copper Jump Rings Not rated yet
I have tried soldering silver jump rings…without much success…but what do you do with antique bronze or copper jump rings?

Size Of Cabachons For Cuff Link Blanks Not rated yet
I have cuff link blanks that are 11mm in size. Should the cabochons be the same,bigger or smaller? Many thanks.

Sprig Necklace Not rated yet
Hello everyone, I am new to this website. I don’t know if you all know each other already. Anyway, I’ve been making hair elastics, barrettes, and headbands, …

Using Cone Shaped Hooks Not rated yet
How do I use a cone shaped hook?

8 Inch Stick Pin Not rated yet
Where or how could you use an 8 inch stick pin in jewelry making?

Why Does A Toggle Clasp Keep Opening? Not rated yet
I used the circle and bar that came together but the bracelet keeps falling off. I bent the circle with pliers to make it smaller yet it still keeps …

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Love Not rated yet
Your site…different and needed! Thanks!

Engraved Marks On Gold Jewelry Not rated yet
When the letters )ask) is engraved on gold jewelry along with 10kt what does this mean?

Convert A Necklace To A Bracelet? Not rated yet
I have a long necklace with toggle clasps that I need to convert into a “multi strand looking” bracelet. How do I do that?

How Do I Prevent Kinks In Jewelry Wire? Not rated yet
I am using faceted roundels that are flat on either end, which won’t let the wire bend smoothly. If pulled tight through a crimp – it kinks – if I a leave …

Wire Jewlery Changing Color Not rated yet
I have been making metal chain jewelry but after I have finished it the piece starts to oxidize. How do I stop the pieces that I make from changing …

Jewelry Fading Not rated yet
I made a necklace and bracelet set for my sister. I am just learning the trade, so I would appreciate any help you can give. After my sister wore the …

Working With 14g. Wire Not rated yet
I am making a bracelet out of 14g. wire and every time I put it on my wrist it is bendable. What do I do to make it hard enough not to bend?

Rasta Bracelet Not rated yet
Do you have a easy pattern of Rasta bracelet?

Off Loom Weaving Patterns? Not rated yet
Does anyone on this site know how to do off loom weaving and do you have any instructions or patterns to share.. Thanks, M.J. Hill

Soldering With Gold-Filled Metal Not rated yet
Are the techniques of soldering different for silver & gold plate?

Looking For Extra Long Silver Tubes Not rated yet
Hi There, I’m after extra long spiral tubes (silver) for jewelery making. The most I’ve find on the Net are 20mm – 30mm and I’m after ones about 80mm. …

Cleaning Stretch Metal Bracelets? Not rated yet
How do I clean a stretch metal bracelet?

What Is The Best Bracelet To Make? Not rated yet
I’m making a bracelet for my best friend but I don’t know what I should make. Any Suggestions?

Balling Both Ends Of A Wire Not rated yet
After balling one end of a wire, how do you ball the other without damaging the bead?

Finishing A Linen Twist Bracelet Not rated yet
I’m working with a linen twist and need to know how to finish the ends cleanly before attaching the clasp. I have a rectangular crimp that will be …

How Do I Properly Close A Crimp Bead Cover? Not rated yet
I am having a hard time closing crimp bead covers properly. The cover either does not close all the way so that part of the seam shows open or the …

Protecting Silver Plated Jewelry Not rated yet
What can I do so the silver plating won’t come off and my jewelry turns to copper?

Twisting Alphabet Charms Not rated yet
I am making a bracelet and attaching beaded alphabets for my daughter. However, they keep twisting and facing backward. What can I do?

Is There A Coating For Lampwork Beads Not rated yet
I read some where many years ago that there was a coating you could put on your beads to keep them from shattering if they hit the ground. Does anyone …

Rosary Gap Not rated yet
I have made a beaded rosary by stringing the beads on 19 wire. Now there is a 1/2″ gap because I did not pull the wire tight enough or it has stretched …

Attaching A Sea Shell To A Ring With Glue? Not rated yet
I’ve seen some rings with sea shells applied but they don’t show the underside so I can’t see how they are made. So, can I just attach a seashell to …

How To Make A Necklace That Ties In Front Not rated yet
I was at an art show and saw a sterling silver chain necklace that tied in the front. The ends had pieces of polished shell or sea glass or semi-precious …

Fusing Copper Chains Not rated yet
How do I make a fussed copper chain? Do you have a video showing how?

Square Ring Mounting Not rated yet
Where can I buy a 20mm x 20mm (4,6 or 8 prong) square ring mount setting?

Want To Make My Logo Into Jewelry Not rated yet
How do I make my logo into jewelry? Is there a place that I upload my picture and they will create a stamp?

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Creative Earrings Not rated yet
How do I make a simple pair of earrings out of waste materials in home?

Attaching Stones To Leather Not rated yet
I want to know how to attach stones such as Agate to leather wristbands…such as hair on hide…am I supposed to put a rivet in the leather and glue the …

What Thread Is Best? Not rated yet
I want to make long necklaces with the beads an inch or so apart and the thread visible. What thread is recommended and what’s the best way to secure …

Heavy Pendant Falling Forward Not rated yet
I have bought several pendants that are quite heavy. The bail is on the back about 1/4-1/3 of the way down. No matter what type of chain or stringing …

Silver Changing Color Not rated yet
How do you stop silver-plated chains from turning color?

Changing Bolos Into Pendants Not rated yet
I have over a dozen bolo ties which I would like to change into pendants. Some are sterling silver, others minerals, both mounted and flat, several …

Cross Component Bracelet

What Is This Cross Component Called? Not rated yet
Do you know what this cross is called and where can I buy some for jewelry-making?

Can Foil Backs Be Repaired? Not rated yet
Can the foil or coating of crystal or rhinestone be repaired?? Thanks in advance to anyone who knows!

Cutting A Twistwd Tube Bead? Not rated yet
Hi, I need to cut a 20mm long twisted tube sterling silver bead in half…what’s the best way?

Making A Floating ‘Y’ Necklace? Not rated yet
How do I make a floating ‘Y’ necklace?

Necklace Not Laying Flat? Not rated yet
I made a coin pearl necklace 16″ long with a seed pearl in between. When I put on this necklace it is not laying flat on my neck. Do I need to add …

Fitting Cord Through A Tube Not rated yet
Will 2 mm cord fit through a 3mm round curved silver tube?

How Much Cord For A Sliding Knot? Not rated yet
I am making a necklace with leather cord. How much extra cord do I need to allow for the sliding knots?

Alternatives To Imprinting Onto Fine Silver Pendants Not rated yet
Hello, Is there any other way to place hand-written notes (taken from a card or letter) into fine silver pendants? We currently use Photopolymer …

Coating Pictures In Resin Not rated yet
Instead of using white glue to coat a picture when making a resin pendant, can I use the self-sealing laminate sheets?

Attaching Vintage Paper Onto A Brass Cuff? Not rated yet
How do you attach vintage paper onto a brass cuff bracelet and finish it? I see these everywhere and I know where to get the cuffs but I can’t figure …

Shortening A Stainless Steel Bracelet Not rated yet
I’m not sure if you can help me out with my question but I thought I’d try. I’m thinking of buying a stainless steel and ceramic chain link bracelet …

Where Do I Go From Here? Not rated yet
Hi, I am really hoping that you could help me. I desire to start creating jewellery & would like to use acrylic/resin. What I need to know though is …

Encasing A Guitar Pick For A Necklace Not rated yet
I have my country music singers guitar pick and I would like to have it encased in a sterling silver or other metal holder so I can wear it on a chain …

Is My Hemp Necklace Suppose To Be Twisting? Not rated yet
I am making a hemp necklace and as I am tying the knots it is twisting and making it difficult to keep going, is that suppose to happen?

How Can I Turn A Button Into A Pendant? Not rated yet
The button I have has a clasp on the back. What can I put on the back of the button so I can add chain?

What Type Of Wire For A Bangle Bracelet With A Connector? Not rated yet
I would like to make simple bangle-style bracelets with a single connector. It will slide over the hand and not open. The gauge of the wire needs …

Difference Between A Pendant And A Brooch? Not rated yet
What’s the difference between a pendant and a brooch?

Gold-Plated Earrings Not rated yet
I am making earrings for basketball wives and noticed that the gold plating may tarnish after wearing it a few times. Is there a solution that I can …

Hand-Coiled Loops Not rated yet
Does a video exist that shows you how to do hand coiled loops. Also, what gauge wire would you use to wrap a 24 gauge wire for the loops? Any …

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Crochet Bead Wire Bracelet Not rated yet
I have seen somewhere,a bracelet made with a very fine crochet hook with wire and beads with a fastening with 3 holes on either side of the clasp. The …

Shell Abalone Nugget Beads

Stringing Shell Abalone Nugget Beads Not rated yet
How do I keep shell abalone nugget beads from flipping over when stringing them on a necklace?

Watch Losing Time Not rated yet
I have a watch and it seems to lose over 1 hour overnight if I wear it; yet if I take it off it keeps perfect time this does not happen with any of my …

Lady Face Molds To Make Brooches Not rated yet
I’m looking for a mold to make 1 inch or so faces for Victorian-style brooches to make it look like women with big hats on it when I’m done.

Safety In Jewelry Manufacturing Not rated yet
What are the safety aspects in the jewelry manufacturing process at various stages?

Large Neck Jewel

How Can I Go About Making This Neck Jewel? Not rated yet
Hi, I am not too sure how this neck jewel can be made with beads, there are a lot of reviews using neck rings but this is confusing me a lot more as they …

Threading Leather Wrap Bracelets Not rated yet
I am trying to make a leather wrap bracelet. Are there any tips for managing the long length of beading thread it takes to do this? My thread …

How To Make A Lighter Case Not rated yet
I’m learning how to bead and I hope someone can help me find a simple way to make a peyote stitch lighter case with a playboy bunny on it. Any help …

How Do I Attach A Jump Ring And Clasp To A 1mm Chain? Not rated yet
I love making necklaces with little beads and crystals. To do this, I use the very tiny chain. I have been using wire to make a loop at the end and …

Wire Mesh Earring Organizer Is Oxidizing My Earrings Not rated yet
I made a screen wire earring holder, mounting the wire onto a picture frame. I’ve loved but it is oxidizing many of my earring both costume and sterling! …

Type Of Bead To Fasten Silk?

Suggestion For Attaching Silk Scarf To A Necklace? Not rated yet
Hi – I’m a silk artist, not a jewelry designer but saw a fabulous idea to combine them both. Question: can someone please identify the type of bead …

Trouble Making A 2-Part Mold With Polymer Clay Not rated yet
I have been trying to make a 2-part push mold of a bead that I like for 2 days. Every time that I have tried, the middle of the mold (on the bottom) …

Looking For Size 20 Bead Without Hole Not rated yet
I’m Looking for round seed/bead, size 20 or smaller than #16 wtihout hole to use on tape for ear acupressure. It needs to be consistently round, no …

Connectors That Won't Lay Flat

How Do I Make Connectors Lay Flat? Not rated yet
I make pendant necklaces using beads connecting with jump rings. When I want to add a connector such as some of the vintage flying birds, dragonflies, …

How Do I Keep A Necklace From Turing Around When Worn Not rated yet
How do I make necklaces from turning around on the neck?

How Do I Start A Bracelet? Not rated yet
I’m making a beaded bracelet and I’m not sure what to put on the ends. I watched it on a video but couldn’t really see it to good. Please help. Thanks, …

Using Split-Ring Pliers Not rated yet
I am trying to learn how to use split-ring pliers but all I’m doing is mangling my split-rings and bending them so badly that I can’t use them. Help! …

What Size Bail For A 7 mm Chain Not rated yet
What size bail do I need for a 7 mm chain?

Selling Not rated yet
I am a college student that has a fantastic hobby and would love to and needs to make money. I enjoy making jewelry very much. I would love to sell …

Visual Pattern For Tube Bead Jewlery Not rated yet
I’m looking for a pattern, to visually show me how to string the beads in order to create a tube bead necklace.

What Type of Clasp Should I Use? Not rated yet
What clasp can I use on a 3mm leather braided necklace?

String Not rated yet
What string would you pick for the Candy Stripe bracelet? I mean like the best kind of string. I need it to be special.

What Ttechnique Is Used For A Tribal Thread Wrapped Choker? Not rated yet
Greetings! I’m trying to find any info or tutorials on the method for creating this type of tribal necklace/choker that is like a thick cord, but thread …

Rotating Bead On A Necklace Not rated yet
How can I keep a single rectangle bead on a thin chain from “rolling around”? I glued some extremely small crystals on a rectangular bead, ran a very …

Beaded Kumihimo Watches Not rated yet
I would like to make some beaded kumihimo watches for gifts with rattail. 1) What size of bead and rattail should I get? 2) How should I attach the …

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Bead Turning Around Not rated yet
How do you keep a bead from turning around on a Softflex necklace?

How Do I String A Front Hole Pendant? Not rated yet
How do I get a finished look when stringing a front hole pendant? A side hole would be easy, but using Stretch Magic on a hole (going front to back) …

Help In Finding A Disc Connector Not rated yet
I’m looking for the small ‘u’ shaped or ‘n’ shaped piece that connects multiple disc together. These pieces are in the back of the earrings and cannot …

Converting A Ribbon Charm Pendant To A Bead? Not rated yet
Is there any type of jewelry attachment I can glue or put on a ribbon charm pendant to make it into a large hole bead?

Flint Rock Not rated yet
What do I need to drill through flint rock? What are some ideas on how to do this? I have tons of flint and love the way it looks. I’d really like …

Layered Resin

Layering Resin Not rated yet
How did I add multiple colors of resin to a bangle mold so that the pattern is vertical and not horizontal? Like in this picture. Thank you.

Question About 20mm Hole Beads Not rated yet
What do you call beads with, at least a 20mm hole, that can be threaded onto a fine scarf? Also, where can I get them?

How Do I Make A Strech Jumpring Bracelet? Not rated yet
How do I make a stretchy jump ring charm bracelet similar to the Links Of London bracelet?

Collet Punch and Plate Not rated yet
What is the procedure to stop the splitting of seams on collets when forming?

How DoI Make This Bracelet? Not rated yet
So I found a picture of a bracelet on my blog website and I would really like to know how to make it, is there instructions or a certain thing I can look …

How To Make Stretchy Watch Bands Not rated yet
I have a watch face with five holes on each side to string the band on. I want to make the band stretchy. How would I do that?

Stone Guitar Pick Necklace Not rated yet
I have a beautiful stone guitar pick that I would love to make into a necklace. I do not want to drill a hole in it because it could break. I …

Earrings Not rated yet
What do you buy to put on the end of an earring to keep it from coming off the wire? I don’t want to turn the bead side ways.

Resin Dimple Not rated yet
Hi 🙂 I started to make resin jewelery, but I don’t know why when I try to dome it always create dimple in the center. Why is it happening and how I …

Rosta Colored Bracelet? Not rated yet
How do I make the Rosta colored bracelet that is shown on your website?

Need An End Cap With A Hole For A Clasp Not rated yet
I have picked up a container of chain in gold and silver, which is somewhat thick and has no links.I am not sure if I am describing it correctly. I …

Is There A Bail That Will Also Clip Onto A Chain Necklace? Not rated yet
I am doing a fundraiser for the Scleroderma Foundation and would like to give 2 pendants attached to 2 bails for each chain necklace. What I am looking …

Leather Cuff Bracelet Not rated yet
What should I use to darken my black leather cuff bracelet?

Attaching Crystals To Aluminum-What Works Best? Not rated yet
I want to affix crystals to aluminum and have tried hot glue, super glue and various glues but can’t find anything that works to keep them on. Please …

Finishing a Thick Leather Necklace Not rated yet
I have a double-stand necklace on wire but I want to finish it with double-leather and a clasp. I have used connectors but I can’t find a clasp thick …

Jewelry Polishing Not rated yet
Is it ok to polish diamond/gold rings with a Dremel Tool? If so, which attachment do I use?

How to Cast & Make Sterling Silver Rings with Gemstones Not rated yet
How do you cast & make sterling silver rings with gemstones?

Finishing A Bracelet Not rated yet
I want to make simple bracelet using 1.5mm leather cord and a stainless steel washer. I need ideas for ‘tying’ the bracelet please.

What To Look For In A Jewelry Class At A Bead Store? Not rated yet
Are there any specifics to look for in a class at a bead store?

Knotting Off An Adjustable Bracelet Not rated yet
Whats the best way to knot off an adjustable bracelet?

Macrame' Rings

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Macrame/ Friendship Ring Not rated yet
Hi, I was wondering if you knew how to make a ring something like the ones in the picture? I was thinking of using the Zig Zag Freindship pattern as …

How To Make Flat Beads Lay Flat ? Not rated yet
How do I make flat beads lay flat when you wear the necklace?

Pricing? Not rated yet
How does one accurately price a piece and if it is mass produced does it reduce the price?

Proper Stringing Wire for a Long Necklace Not rated yet
I am making a long necklace that can be worn long or doubled for a shorter length. Is there anything special I should do/use in terms of the stringing …

Flux Seeping Under The Glass Of My Soldered Charms? Not rated yet
How can I keep flux from seeping under the glass of my soldered charms? I made 15 soldered charms and they turned out great. Flux has seeped under …

What Size Bail Do I Need? Not rated yet
What size bail is needed for a 10mm wide steel chain.

Shortening A Chan Luu Bracelet? Not rated yet
How do you shorten a Chan Luu bracelet?

How To Make A Heart Friendship Bracelet Not rated yet
I have a broken hip and just the right amount of time to make heart friendship bracelets for my grandaughter to give as gifts to the girls on her dance …

Bracelet Plaques

Where Can I Buy Bracelet Plaques Not rated yet
I was wanting to know where I can buy these type of metal/pewter bracelet tags or plaques. They are approx. 2 inches long by about a half inch wide …

How Much Wire Is Needed To Make A Jump Ring? Not rated yet
I am making a silver bracelet and need 252 ea. of 20 g. 4.75 mm ID jump rings. How much wire do I need to purchase? Also the same for 238 ea. 18 …

Fixing A Clasp On A Snake Chain Not rated yet
When making jewellery and using a snake or crimp chain, how do you fix a clasp, do you have to use solder?

Removable Pendant Clasp Not rated yet
I have a Hallmark pendant on a chain that my grandchildren gave me a year or more ago and the chain tarnished and took on a metallic odor. Hallmark …

Howlite Not rated yet
Your information on “Turkish Turquoise” was greatly appreciated. Would you kindly share your thoughts on Howlite? I see many offers of dyed Howlite, …

Friendship Ring Patterns Not rated yet
Do you have a pattern for making friendship rings?

Wire Wrap Earrings Not rated yet
I’m new to making earrings. I would like to know how to wrap the wire so it looks more finished and so the stone has no chance of coming off. Thank …

Braided Bead Bracelet Tutorial Not rated yet
I’m looking for a tutorial for making a braided bead bracelet. I’ve been seeing them everywhere from Wal-mart, Bass Pro and online but haven’t been …

RE: Where to Find Blank Crosses for Fill-In Not rated yet
I saw the question about where to find blank or fill-in crosses, but did not see an answer or link to a source. Can you help? I know they are out …

Untying A Knot That’s Not Close To The Bead Not rated yet
Sometimes when I make a hand-knotted necklace, the knot doesn’t end up close enough to the bead and I have to undo the knot and try again. It’s often …

Jumprings Coming Apart Not rated yet
The jewelry I made for my is coming apart. How embarrassing. I closed the jumprings as much as possible. What can I do to ensure this doesn’t happen …

Briolette Wire Wrapping Problem Not rated yet
Why does the wire slip when doing a “messy” wire wrap back up a briolette? It won’t stay in place and gets all messed up – and not in the way intended. …

Anklets with Chains, Beads and Spacers? Not rated yet
I want to make anklets with chain links added to the beads etc. How is this done and where would I find the instructions?

Want to Make Metal Jewelry But I Have Metal Allergies Not rated yet
Where do I start? I’m allergic to metal. I’ve gone years without being able to wear jewelry. I love jewelry and through the years have been able to …

Mold Release Not rated yet
What can be used as mold release other than mold a release? That is…I have mold release for candle wax, would that work? I’m trying to begin and …

Can I Place Onyx In A Pickling Salt Solution Not rated yet
I soldered a pin to the back of an onyx bezel set with the onyx in place hoping to protect the stone. Can I place it in pickle or will it damage the …

How Do You Make The Norwegian Finger Weave Not rated yet
You may have heard of it, but I don’t know how to do the Norwegian Finger Weave and would love to know how.

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What Kind Of Ribbon To Use For Necklaces? Not rated yet
I am new to the jewelry making world and I just love the pendants and beads on ribbon necklaces. What type of ribbon is used for this? I was wondering …

Why Won’t My Square 22g Wire Twist Using The Proper Tool? Not rated yet
I did manage to get one wire to twist. The second one keeps breaking or will not even turn. I have it anchored in tightly and can’t pull it out …

Best Place To Buy Resin? Not rated yet
Where would you say is the best place to buy the resin at a good price?

Shorter chain? Not rated yet
How do I make this chain shorter??

How do you fasten an alpha and bead bracelet? Not rated yet
How do I connect the beginning and end of the alpha and crystal bead bracelet?

Know how to make an arrowhead? Not rated yet
Do you know to make an arrowhead? Can you post it on the site if you do so?

Bracelet Making Tips Not rated yet
Anyone have any tips for bracelet making or a website that has really good and easy instructions?

Videos Filtered, Help! Not rated yet
Yeah Hi. Um… I’m Mahshid and I have a BIG problem You see I’m from somewhere that filters websites, so if possible could you please make videos and …

What gauge wire to use for a simple loop necklace? Not rated yet
I would like to make a simple loop necklace out of sterling silver wire? What is the best gauge wire to use that is easy to work worth but strong as well? …

Sliding Bracelet Not rated yet
I would like to learn how to make a sliding bracelet, but don’t want to use twine… What other stringing material can I use?????

How can I add a picture to a bangle made from resin? Not rated yet
I’m making bangles for me and my sisters and I would love to add pictures or their names in them but how can I add a picture to a bangle so that they are …

Hanging a pendant… Not rated yet
How do I get the pendant to face forward instead of swiveling? Everytime I bend over it flips over, very frustrating, please help!! Thanks!

Supplies for earrings? Not rated yet
What products are required to make a simple set of earrings? And then what is the procedure for making that earring?

Pearl Knotting Not rated yet
Interested in pearl knotting using a single thread…?

Joining Strung Pearls Not rated yet
How do I join my already strung pearls? It is continuous, as there is no clasp.

How do you use a precious metal strip setting? Not rated yet
Are strip settings for soldering to a ring shank or strictly for earrings? How many ways can you use a strip setting?

Most common size of daisy spacer beads used? Not rated yet
I have seen so many different sizes of daisy spacer beads and I don’t know which size is the most common size. This is the first time that I am going …

Double Strand Bracelet Clasps Not rated yet
How do I do a double bracelet or watch clasp?

Beginner Projects? Not rated yet
So I was looking around the internet and came across your website, and I really wanted to do a new hobby that I’ll enjoy. I like making things and doing …

Barefoot Sandal/Barefoot Bling Not rated yet
I would like the instructions on the barefoot sandal that you had in your newsletter, where can we find those?

Switching to Larger Beads… Not rated yet
Hello, I have been making necklaces, bracelets and earrings out of seed beads. Now I am wanting to expand to working with larger beads and designs. …

Anklet Making Class Not rated yet
Is morning tea provided? Toasties and Banana smoothies? 🙂 😉 xxxxxxxxx I am *interested* in the anklet making class… Will I be provided with …

Gluing stretch cord knots? Not rated yet
When using stretchy cord, what is the best glue to use to secure the knots?

Friendship Necklace: How much thread for friendship necklace…? Not rated yet
How much thread is needed for making a necklace version of the friendship bracelets?

Gold & Black Onyx: How to effectively adhere 14k gold strips to links of black onyx…? Not rated yet
I have a panther lynk onyx bracelet and each link has a strip of 14k gold attached to the center of the link. One of the gold strips has fallen off. …

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What are some of the pieces I will need? Not rated yet
I don’t know what some of the different pieces or attachments such as clasps, etc. look like. Do you have a picture guide?

How to remove glue residue from a Swarovski crystal? Not rated yet
I glued a bail to a crystal pendant but how do I remove spots of excess glue? Help please!

Friendship Bracelets: New Bracelet Not rated yet
Can you make the diagonal stripe little hearts bracelet?

Foot Jewelry: Making Toe Rings Not rated yet
I found the best turquoise toe rings online and want to learn how to make them including soldering the silver or silver tone bands for them… Can …

Jewelry Supplies: Tools and Material Not rated yet
Are you available for assistance and if so do you have all the tools and materials needed to do jewelry making?

Diamond-Glass Glue Not rated yet
I want to order some diamond-glass glue…

Jeweled Lighter Covers Not rated yet
Hi everyone! I’m looking for patterns (free) for lighter covers that are beaded. If you know where I can find some patterns, I would appreciate it …

Irregular Fused Glass and Rubber Cord Necklace

Irregular Fused Glass Pendants and Rubber Tubing Question Not rated yet
I’m making irregular fused glass focal pendants. I’m using rubber cord with wire threaded through it as the necklace with a toggle on the back. My …

What kind of supplies do I need to make jewelry? Not rated yet
What supplies do I need to make jewelry?

Mommy Bracelets Not rated yet
What’s the range of prices for the mommy bracelets?

Jewelry Shows Not rated yet
Do you have any jewelry shows over there? Or workshop jewelry? Thank you.

Instructions for The Knotted Band Not rated yet
I really enjoy making these friendship bracelets. I recently saw pictures of The Knotted Band bracelet in the Friendship Bracelet section. I really …

Brooch Pin Not rated yet
How should someone attach a brooch pin to a polymer clay brooch? Probably it should be done before baking? Do you need to allow for shrinkage? Thanks. …

How to untwist square wire…? Not rated yet
Hi, I’m making bracelets and using square wire. I carefully cut it and straighten it, but there always seems to be a slight twist that needs to be …

Do you know how to make this style of bracelet? Not rated yet
Can anyone help me with step by step directions on how to make this bracelet? Thanks!

Using bead n strentch for jewelry making and beading? Not rated yet
Want to make bracelets that using bead n stretch ? I’m new at this and do have pretty many supplies, but don’t know what I’m doing I don’t know what you …

Adding a metal finish to a shell pendant Not rated yet
A friend has a beautiful shell that would make an excellent pendant, on a D ring. But the shell is fragile and needs wrapping on the edges to make it …

How to center large hole beads for earrings. Not rated yet
I often find that the holes for beads I’d like to use for earrings are too big and then wobble on the wire. For hollow beads, I’ve tried filling with …

Tying it on Not rated yet
How do you tie the inverse chevron or any of the friendship bracelets that end with the two braids? The instructions seem to keep cutting off around …

Copyright Laws and Upcycling Jewelry Not rated yet
I want to buy salvaged jewelry and fix it and resell it. Some pieces need very little, like a jump ring or clasp. Other pieces are in a million pieces. …

How to Use a Cone bead ? Not rated yet
How do I use a cone bead to finish a nylon strung seed bead bracelet

Jewelry from broken china Not rated yet
how to make broken china jewelry

convert bracelet to a necklace Not rated yet
I have a bracelet that I would like to wear as a necklace without removing the box clasp. Any ideas? Thanks

stop jump rings from twisting Not rated yet
I hope this links back to the original question. If not this is a response to Kalyna’s query. I have added a small diagram hope this helps, the only …

What is the best way to string large turquoise and small silver beads? Not rated yet
I have large turquoise beads with holes and small silver beads with large holes. What stringing material do I use and what is the best way to do it?

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Is it possible to cast in copper? Not rated yet
I would like to have a jewelry model cast in copper, but it doesn’t appear to be available at most casting companies. Is there a company that casts in …

How to put toggles on? Not rated yet
Have lots of Questions. What size string,wire,fishing line( in pounds),and to put on attachments or just tie a knot?

How to stop pendant necklaces from turning backwards? Not rated yet
Most of the time the pendant turns around to where u cant see the face/front of the pendant. what is causing this to happen? is there a front/back to a …

How do I use a dark silver tone bail/connector h3012 Not rated yet
I got some of these ( dark silver tone bail/connector h3012) and I have no idea what to do with them. Any help would be great! Thank you

Looking for a slider Not rated yet
Does anyone know where I can find what I would call an adjustable necklace slider? This would be the type that slides up and down to lengthen or shorten …

stabilize large flat pieces that want to turn over? Not rated yet
I have tried to place a 2″ elongaged decorative flat metal piece on each side of a chain so that they lay against the chest vertically. The chain is …

wire crochet Not rated yet
where can i get full tutorials on all the aspects of making wire crochet jewelry including rounds, stone setting, etc

how to clean gold jewlery Not rated yet
I have been told there is a disk you lay all of your gold pieces of jewlery on and as long as they are all touching each other they will come out cleaner …

stretch cord for abrasive beads? Not rated yet
What is the best stretch cord to use to make bracelets with beads that are abrasive, such as made with natural elements?

How do I get a bunch of 8″ silvertone (base metal) bracelets with a big lobster claw clasp and a ring or claw to attach a big charm? Not rated yet
How do I get a bunch of 8″ silvertone (basemetal) link bracelets with a large lobster claw clasp, and with a ring or smaller claw in the middle to attach …

checkerboard pattern for friendship bracelets Not rated yet
Is there a pattern available for a floss friendship bracelet that looks like a checkered flag?

Ring Drawing? Not rated yet
Is there a place on line to go to to draw my ring?

Not quite sure how you go in and out through the beads Not rated yet
Can you explain a bit better what you do. Go through a bead and loop around the top, go into the bead and loop around the bottom, etc.??? Thanks

How to cover unsightly knots on necklace ends? Not rated yet
I am working on getting some necklaces together to sell but I think the knots on the ends at the clasps are big eye sores? How can I avoid this? Answer …

Keeping Three Strands Together Not rated yet
I am making a 3 strand bracelet with 4 mm Swarosvki crystals… I do not want to use anything in between the strands but I want them to stay together. …

Adjustable wider band rings/bronze patina Not rated yet
I’m looking for inexpensive wider band rings/adjustable that I bought by the bag at Michaels a few months ago. They were sold in a bag of about 10 and …

How to Keep Tear Drop Beads Positioned Not rated yet
I’d like to keep tear drop beads in an up down position I’m using tear drop beads to make a bracelet and I cannot keep the beads in an up down position- …

pearl necklace problems Not rated yet
I’ve made a freshwater pearl necklace using 5mm pearls, strung on to 2 or 3 strands of nylon ‘fishing wire’. It doesn’t hang right, as if the beads aren’t …

Is it possible to dye jewellery from gold to silver? Not rated yet
I have a 10k gold ring that I Iove the design of, but not the gold colour. Is it possible to somehow dye it silver?

I live in hamiton on. and I want to take chainmaille classes Not rated yet
I need to find a place that gives chainmaille classes in hamilton on. canada

What materials are used for this bangle design ? Not rated yet
I design jewelry and have been desperately seeking the materials to make this style of bangle. I need to know what kind of clay or material is used to …

Round flat beads turning Not rated yet
How do you prevent larger round flat beads from turning in a necklace design? I put smaller beads (rondells or rounds) on either side of the bead and …

Re-Stringing Weighty Stone Necklace Not rated yet
I want to re-string a weighty stone necklace that was originally strung with some kind of thread. It is knotted between each stone. Each of the knots …

Am I using Acrylic or Plastic? Not rated yet
What is the difference in the appearance of acrylic and plastic, and how do I keep them cool while reaming or drilling?

Am I using Acrylic or Plastic? Not rated yet
What is the difference in the appearance of acrylic and plastic, and how do I keep them cool while reaming or drilling?

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Correct bracelet size Not rated yet
I never know what size to cut my wire for my bracelets. When making bracelets with wire and toggle clasps, do you measure just the beads or do you include …

Bead Cap Size Not rated yet
How do you know what size bead cap you should be using? Would it be the same size as the bead or larger?

Homemade Gift for Men Not rated yet
Hi, I would like to know how to make a gift for man who travels a lot. Thanks Vasanthi

Help Finding Unsoldered Chain? Not rated yet
I am trying to find a source for unsoldered link chain in either brass or gold filled or gold plated. I currently buy brass chain that has been oxidized …

What are Your Jewelry Challenges? Not rated yet
I’m curious. What challenges do you face in making jewelry?

How Do I Make a Knot Closure Not rated yet
How do I make a knot closure for a necklace

Starting Jewelry Making Not rated yet
I’ve never done this before. Where and how do I start?

What’s a Better/Faster Way to Plait (Braid) Strands of Seed Beads? Not rated yet
Hello from New Zealand. I found you when I wanted to learn how to twist beads without them coming undone and the answer was really great. So …

How to Resize a Bracelet Pattern? Not rated yet
I have just completed a bracelet using a free project pattern. Supposed to be 7.5″. Turned out to be 8 5/8″ with toggle. There is a definite pattern …

How? Not rated yet
How do you make such a thick bracelet? I only can do the regular brade! I need some practice!

An Affordable Way For Making A Mold? Not rated yet
What would be a cheap & easy way for making a mold? I am trying to melt silver into a ring. I’ve tried dirt but it won’t keep the shape. What …

Instructions To Create A Brooch From A Pendant? Not rated yet
How do you turn a pendant that you no longer need into a brooch? What items do I have to own to do this? Thanks, Becky

How Can I Set Undrilled Briolette Gemstones? Not rated yet
I am looking for techniques for setting or mounting undrilled briolette cut gemstones. Some of which are 5×3 mm or less. I also have some that are larger, …

How To Prevent Teardrop Beads From Turning? Not rated yet
I have a necklace that includes 11-12mm teardrop beads between other smaller beads. As it is worn, the teardrop beads may turn up a bit on the wire so …

Which Glue to Use for Pictures on Shell Pendants? Not rated yet
How do you glue pictures on shell pendants and seal them? What do you glue them with?

Separating Colors Using Resin in a Piece Not rated yet
I made my sculpture, sealed it & cast it in the hard rubber & now I have a wonderful mold. I have made many casts with it. Now I want to know how to …

Is it Possible to Use Scraps of Silver or Gold? Not rated yet
Is there any way to sell or salvage large chain links in sterling silver or 14 kt gold? I’ve cut some from longer chain, but don’t know how to fuse the …

How Do You Make A Pendant? Not rated yet
I am wanting to design and make pendants with sterling silver or other products, But i don’t know how. For example: a coffee cup..3D or 4D. You know …

Is My Necklace Too Heavy? Not rated yet
The necklace I made pulled apart. Is it too heavy or do I just need a heavier jump ring?

How to Securely Attach Clasp to Necklace? Not rated yet
How can I attach a toggle clasp securely to a beaded necklace. I use a double crimp bead and they are still breaking. HELP!

What’s The Best Way To Connect 3 Strands To A Toggle Fastener? Not rated yet
I have a three strand turquoise bracelet and a toggle fastener to finish it with. But what’s the best way to connect the 3 strands to the toggle so …

Is There a Difference Between Lacquer and an Enamel? Not rated yet
I am looking for somebody who would put a black lacquer on a piece of jewelry. Also, is there a difference between lacquer and an enamel?

What Size of Stretch Magic Cord Do I Use? Not rated yet
I am new to this. I have 4 mm, 8mm & 10mm beads and charm that I want to make a bracelet with. How do I know which size stretch magic cord to use? …

How to Make Imprints on Silver Jewelry? Not rated yet
Besides a rolling mill, what are some ways I can make imprint designs on silver jewelry?

How to Bead a Swarvoski Crystal Heart? (Single Not Puffy) Not rated yet
I bought some jewelry from a girl who makes her own jewelry and she made me a heart bracelet with Swarvoski crystals. I cannot get in touch with her …

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What Tool to Use and the Best Way to Set Stones? Not rated yet
What’s the best way to set stones with no holes? I use Sterling settings and I keep bending them out of shape using my pliers. What is the best …

How to Make a Multi-Strand Necklace Lay Flat? Not rated yet
I am making a three stand necklace with dividers. Do I need to vary the number of beads between dividers on each strand?

How to Join a Twisted Bracelet Not rated yet
How do you make a proper joint for a twisted bracelet? Can you show me with a picture, please? Can you explain it to me for the strap?

Working With Copper Not rated yet
I made a copper bead bracelet and I heard (somewhere) that this bracelet needs a finishing coat of something so that your wrist doesn’t turn colors. …

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