Does anyone know where I can purchase Artistic Wire in London, Ontario, Canada? I don’t live in London, but I can get there.

Toronto is a bit of a drive for me, and I’m not comfortable ordering over the ‘net. Michael’s doesn’t carry a consistent wire supply, The Beadery closed it’s doors, and I’m at a loss!

Could someone out there please help?

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by: renee aubuchonThere is a new wire on the market.Go to softflex .com.

They came out with a wire like artistic wire in many gauges, colors and types.

Artistic Wire
by: StefAs the previous poster said, have ordered from there often and they have great service.

If you still don’t feel comfortable ordering online, you can always call in your order.

Where To Get Artistic Wire
by: VICKIGo to will be a “Distributor” and “Store Locator” Tab for your convenience and you can purchase from the website directly.

There are some other great wires that I use that I get from here in the USA.

They are located in Oregon with 5.00 US Shipping no matter what size of order!

Happy Hunting!

by: RoseThis is the one I use here in the UK, but I know you can email them and find out if they ship international.I like their wires having lived in the states and used the brands over there, and then moved here and tried most brands from bead shops, I found these at a bead shop and realized I could buy them online. So now I buy all my wire from them. They also do square wire now.

Their wire I use for weaving is so supple and forgiving it is a breeze to weave. I have posted some of my work here, as in Hematite Briolettes and you will see the wire there.

They are a part of Scientific Wires, so you can search for them under both names.

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